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Raising some money for Ovacome

I am celebrating my 50th Birthday this month (17th) and have decided to have a party and use the opportunity to raise some money for Ovacome by holding a raffle.

I have been busy contacting local businesses with my requests and so far have prizes worth £200.

My sister has also handmade a small teddy bear which she has made with Teal colouring and named it Hope. We will be auctioning it off at my party.

I am back at work now and part of my job is collecting prescriptions from local GP Practices and now have many of them displaying Ovacomes BEAT GP friendly poster in their waiting rooms.

Ovacome have supplied me with balloons, posters and Teal enamel pins (£1 each, sale or return), so will be using them to help raise awareness.

I have stayed positive throughout my OC journey and feel inspired to try and help others by raising more awareness of this horrible disease.


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Well done, Amanda Jane! I am so pleased that you have come through this experience and are strong enough to do this. It's a great idea! Good Luck and Happy 50th Birthday for the 17th. Let us know how it all goes.

Love Wendy xx


Hi Amanda Jane,

Great news! and great ideas! I hope your birthday goes really well love x G x :-)


Well done!



Hi Amanda,

Good for you and welcome (soon) to the 50's club!!!

I hope it all goes well for you and you manage to raise lots of cash. I did the same last week and it was great fun as well as knowing you are raising lots of money. I don't know if it would be possible for you but I live in a village and the local shop sold raffle tickets for me. They managed to raise £50 which was extra to what I got at the pary with my friends.

Let us all know how it goes.

Love and hugs Jackie xxxx


Well done for getting the posters up in the surgerys. I don't go to mine that often but last time I was there I couldn't see anything about OC. Next time I go I will be asking if they have any information and if not, why? I hope you have a wonderful party and make lots of money at the same time.

Chris x


Well done Amanda! I managed to buy a little blue badge a couple of years ago for OC, I think it was in M&S and yet have never seen them again at all. It's a pity more stores didn't have them as well as the breast cancer ones that they all carry.

I supose though that any contribution at all is good as all cancers are so awful and need as much money thrown at them for research as they can get.

My son recently got married and as him and his now wife had lived together for a few years and had everything they wanted - they asked for a donation to cancer research in lieu of wedding gifts. This was due to what I'm going through as it's brought home to them (and me!!) just what 'having cancer' actually means. We've been very lucky in that no other member of our family has had cancer so I suppose we were a bit sheltered from the reality of it all. It was quite a small wedding and yet they raised well over £2,000 which just shows how many people have been touched by cancer and are happy to contribute.

Have a great birthday and again well done you!!

Love Cathy xx


Wonderful news re your forth coming 50th ...

Love the idea of the teal teddy bear ...... as I collect bears love them ..have loads of them ....

Would your sister make me one please ??? if you let me know how much it would cost ..

Hubby say I have enough bears ..but there always room for a few more .....

Love Janet xxx


Thank you for all your comments.

Janet, I will ask my sister if she can make you a teddy bear.

Love Amanda x


Hi Amanda- jane if your sister is doing a bear then i would be interested in one too for fundraising . I have a few years yet before the big 50 but going back to work soon and planning to do a baking sale. Well done it is a great idea




Happy Birthday today Amanda I hope you have a very good day x G x :-)


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