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Succession Planning at the close of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Succession Planning at the close of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Hi Everyone

A lot of members have been making a special effort this month to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer and the support we have here on Ovacome. I know there have been cake sales, hair shaves, gym events, and so much more. This month has boosted our confidence and has raised media interest. Is anyone interested in getting together an online group that can pool ideas and resources so we can continue what we have put in place after the end of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and go forward from strength to strength.

We have a huge resource here to put something in place so we can keep up the interest throughout the year and nobody will ever again ask what the teal ribbon stands for.

Any interest in this idea?

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Definitely, count me in plus donation of the online planning space




Thanks Sue, what I was thinking was just to start with an email distribution list for people who are interested in this, people who've experience of putting stuff on, or who have resources to offer. Of course it would be fantastic to harness your IT knowledge to have an online planning space.

Our attendance at the Velindre at every Ovarian Cancer Clinic isn't sustainable but we have got the agreement of the hospital to put up our display at one of the clinics each month and to continue the work. It's a matter of sharing ideas and getting some sort of structure to support and grow what we've achieved so far. I'd like to think the resources we've bought can be shared with everyone.

Will ring later. xxxx love Annie


I'm in too! I originally thought if we used our inner circle facility. It's on the blogs page and we'd each have to add each other to our inner circles. I already set mine up with someone else who said they were interested in sharing ideas about awareness raising. It's secure to members only so if we add each other to everyone who is in this idea, to our own inner circle, it would work. It's secure and instant and has the facility to post 1 pic per post. It could be good. I've already started in response to an earlier posting, so if u like the idea you can pm me with email addresses and same for everyone else on the group. However, Sues idea may be simpler if we use inner circles to inform friends and family about private matters etc. whatever, I don't mind! Have a lovely weekend, my friends! I'm off to lunch at the rugby club :-) Then I will probably freeze watching Southend r f c getting thrashed again :-(

Love to you all

Wendy xx


That's a great idea Wendy. I'd really like to join your Fundraising and Event Inner Circle. It's great you can do this. I was thinking of setting up a journal but it was more for family and friends to tap into as they can keep up to date with events.

Can you add my email address to your journal. I have to do a bit of reading to understand quite how it works.

Will it send me an email notification?

Enjoy .... er is that the word for watching your local rugby team getting thrashed in ice cold weather? ... the rugby game and lunch. Wouldn't be my idea of fun but à chacun son goût. Speak later I hope. xxx Annie


I like the idea of a new member called AAWF (Advertising, Awareness and Fundraising) That would put us on the first page of the Directory page. I don't mind using my page but it may be more inclusive for new and existing members if we started with a new membership! We would have to publicise the password among the group, maybe on a PM. I don't mind setting it up, but is there a call for it? I'll wait to hear what you all think. If you can send a message to others you think may be interested, it may be helpful.

Or we can use my Inner Circle. I never use it now.

Over to you!

By the way the weather was really cold, lunch was very average, the wine was just bearable but the company was great, the laughs were many and our rugby team won, so.......result! :-D

Love W xx


I like the idea - but where does the W come from? AAA woud be great - Advertising, Awareness, Action. How about that? I'm happy to set up an account. It would be inclusive and easy to access. If responses have been a bit slow on the idea it's hopefully that everyone is enjoying their Saturday night.

Shall I do it now?

Fantastic your team won! You must be one happy lady. xxxx love Annie


Great idea! Like it :-) I have thawed out and sobered up after the rugby now so I am just starting on a glass of Pouilly F! Do you think we should just go ahead or wait for the ones among us who have a vibrant social life to respond in the days to come? ;-)

Hope you're feeling OK at the moment, Annie, not too tired after your mad motivational March!

Love W xx


mmm is that Pouillé Fume or Pouillé Fussé - both are favourites of mine. Tonight I'm having a little sip of Laphroigs as have hit rock bottom on energy levels.

I'm steeling myself for our last week of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - a display in the Welsh Assembly Offices on Monday, restoring the display at the Cancer Centre in Cardiff on Tuesday, and our first Support Group meeting on Wednesday. Jean is coming up from Neath to support our group Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to getting together with anyone who has ideas to promote this momentum. Sharon's radio interview was amazing. It would be fantastic to know how she got this up and running, Sue's article in the Telegraph with that amazing write-up about Ovacome .... and so many more initiatives. I feel we need to get everyone together to think about it whilst it's all fresh in our minds.

xxxx Love Annie


I love both Pouilly's too, this one is a Fumee. I love Laphroaig too, my Dads favourite malt. I

I agree about leaving it and trying to contact all the other women who have had some great ideas. Adele is another one who has got lots of ideas.

Try to save up some energy for yourself, you remember what we said about saving a bit of energy and pacing ourselves!!!!

All the best for all you've got planned. I'm having a quieter week next week, hopefully! However, the best laid plans .......... ;-)

Love W xx


Go girl xxx remember the rolling rock scenario x

I am speaking to 100 church goers on Saturday on OC, so awareness must continue up get out there x


How did your talk go Gill?

I remember you saying you had 6 at your support group. We only had 3. It was disappointing but who knows more may join us because we'll persist. We've finished our stand at the Cancer Centre for March but will take it back to the clinics once a month now and will get new literature printed.

I think I really need to get more confident with a web-presence then we can post up lists of events, speakers, etc. Now it's a bit quieter I'll have another go.

Thinking of you and hoping all is going well.

xxx Annie


Dear Wendy

I've just re-read your idea of using the Inner Circle. I think we can only have one Inner Circle account linked to our membership account. Is that right? I was just thinking I would like to save my own inner circle for informing my relatives/friends what's going on so they have this resource rather than worrying about phoning at the wrong moment.

Does this mean then that we ought to create a new Health Unlocked Login - perhaps an account called Fundraiser or something like that and then create an Inner Circle on that account. I've taken a look at the Inner Circle and notice that I can post comments on someone else's Inner Circle Account.

The other alternative would be to use your existing Inner Circle and post comments on that. You would just need to add all our emails to the list of users.

xx Annie


Just been alerted to Sharon's Radio Interview with Black Diamond FM and Mark Mulgrew.

Fantastic interview Sharon! You're an inspiration to everyone and show us how we can keep the media interest going in this cancer.

xxx Annie


You can count me in Annie.

L xx


Thanks Linda. This is becoming an amazing story - of women across the UK who are committed to making a difference. xxxx love Annie


I don't understand inner circle thing, just looked at it. I think something distinct from anyone's ID is better - if we can set up a new member AAA works. If it has to have an email ID we could set up a gmail account...

Tho still not sure inner circle works, looks like just for journaling...

Send me your email addresses on message and I will set up a project so you can see the alternative too?


Inner Circle will work for me when I take a turn for the worse and my friends, relatives can have access to my journal there and I'll make sure news is posted up on my situation. I remember the anxiety I experienced when a friend - not one of my close circle - but a friend nonetheless was dying of a brain tumour. In her last few months we didn't know whether to call because it might bother the family at an awkward time. That's how I see it working for me anyway which is why I'm a bit reluctant to use such a space for fundraising/awareness-raising ideas. However it does seem practical and if it upsets no one it seems a way forward.

xx Hope you enjoyed the theatre last night.


Great night! The show itself was, sadly, distinctly average - not that impressed with the singing and the script was dreadful with long awkward pauses! But it was fun, and we had a Thai meal beforehand which I love. Oh the calories...


Sue xxx


I'm sorry to hear the show was less than you'd expect in the West End. I've booked Billy Elliott as I've been asked to find something my French friends can follow with their very poor level of English. I was astonished at the cost but then I usually opt for seats at the Young Vic or Donmar Warehouse. Thai meal sounds rather good. Where would you recommend? I'd imagine you know some good places with a chef for a husband. xx


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