Raising awareness for OC

Hi everyone,

I was asked by Ovacome if I would let them tell my cancer story to magazines and newspapers to raise awareness. I agreed and told Juliet my story which she is going to use.

I had a call from my local newspaper this week who are going to use my story this week in both the very local Diss Mercury and the EDP which covers all of East Anglia. The reporter read the article out to me and I was very happy with what he had written.

The way Ovacome and I have approached this was to cover my adventures with my lovely boys from my bucket list. I wanted to bring awareness for the symptoms but also to say having a terminal diagnosis doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying life to the full. I also make photo books of 'memories' for my children to keep and look back on when I am no longer here.

We have had many adventures over the last 3 years including camel riding, falconry, sky diving, tank driving, hovercraft driving, roller skating, holidays and days out to name a few.

I am really proud to be able to do my bit to help bring awareness to every woman and we hope that some of the national papers and magazines will be interested in my story to spread the word even further.

I am practising my signature for when the article is published as I may be inundated with autograph hunters wherever I go Heh heh!

Hugs Jackie xx

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  • Fame at last Jackie (love it) best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Didn't Andy Warhol say everyone should have 15 minutes of fame. Maybe this will be mine! Xx

  • Well done Jackie.

    Love Ally xx

  • Thanks Ally xx

  • You've cute boys Jackie. Thanks for putting yourself out there. Love Tina. X

  • They are lovely boys (but I am a bit biased!) it's quite exciting and scary at the same time. I've never been in the paper before. I hope that it does the trick and helps someone. Jackie xxx

  • Dear Jackie ,

    This is a great way of reaching women and to raise more much needed awarness of OC.

    Please let us know what day it is going in the paper xx

    Love Jan xxx

  • It will be in the mercury today and the EDP tomorrow. Jackie xxx

  • Will pick one up at the shop in the morning ...I don't have far to as its right opposite us xxx

  • Congratulations, Jackie!!

    Well - you have certainly done such a lot with your smashing boys and it will make very interesting reading. How nice, as well, that you were pleased with the newspaper article - so often they cut out all the best bits, the bits that one thinks should be left in. Long may you keep filling and emptying your bucket list.

    Love, Solange

  • Thanks Solange. Lovely to hear from you. I hope you are doing okay.

    I have now seen my article and I am really pleased with it hugs Jackie xxx

  • Well done and thank you Jackie. Your photograph is lovely!

    Best wishes


  • Thank Ann, I love that photo. It was taken Christmas 2011. Hugs jackie xxx

  • Well done Jackie!

    Love, Honey xxx

  • Thank you Honey, xxx

  • Awareness of OC is needed by whatever means we can. Well done on your recent publication. Izzy xxxx

  • I agree. I hope that my story will help bring awareness to the symptoms of OC. Xxx

  • I think we need more awareness I wrote to coronation street suggestion a story line where Fiz puts on weight and thinks she is pregnant but it turns out to be OC. Millions watch corrie so it would be good to show someone with OC on a popular soap. I don't want her to be written out but as she is young she will come through it Okay. I also wrote to Lorraine suggesting Bin our Pants, but I have already put a blog on re that. My brain goes into overdrive in the evening when I'm on my own. I'm not much of a TV fan so I tend to spend a lot of time on the I pad. My brain will be busy tonight as my husband is off work tonight and I have a nice bottle of wine chilling .

    Love to all Babs x x

  • Keep coming up with those ideas Babs! We need publicity to raise awareness of OC. Look how much money goes into breast cancer. We need awareness like that for ovarian. Xxxx

  • I have noted the number of Louise and will ring her Monday morning I would be happy to share my story and help raise awareness. I did get an e mail back from Corrie saying they have passed my idea on to the writers but can't garantee they will use it. May write to Emmerdale with the same idea. I don't watch Eastenders so don't know the cast. But if anyone does watch it maybe they can take the idea and e mail Eastenders.

    Love Babs x

  • Well done that's good news.

    Love Zannah x

  • Thanks zannah. Hugs xxxx

  • Thank you so much. We know that its a brave decision to put yourself 'out there' and we are incredibly grateful. Please be assured that your story will have a big impact and who knows (and I had a private letter confirming this when I did it) you might be the thing that leads to a diagnosis, early enough to make a real difference!

    Love to you and your beautiful family.

    L x

    PS - If anyone else wants to explore the possibility of doing some media work, then please do call us (NO OBLIGATION AT ALL) 0207 299 6654.

  • I was pleased to do this Louise. I hope it makes a difference. I have already found out about a lady who lives in Diss near me who did'it know about ovacome and she has OC. I am hoping to meet up with her and hope she can then gain support from this site.


  • Brilliant article in today's EDP, our local paper. Great pictures and I love the positive Vibe.

    Well done Jackie!!

    Love Sheila

  • Thanks Sheila. It was also in the Diss Mercury on the front page no less. Fame at last! We must meet up soon. Jan and I were saying about meeting soon at notcutts garden centre in Norwich. I will let you know when. Hugs xxx

  • Dear Jackie

    I've spent ages trying to click on to your story to read every word. I can get as far as you on the front page of the paper, have signed up to the online Diss Mercury - but still no luck. ..... If anyone actually gets to read this online please put on the URL as I'd love to read it.

    Still, it was fantastic to see your article had hit the front page. You deserve it of all people - and wonderful to use this story to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer.

    If anyone does have a copy is it possible to upload it here on this site.

    Hope you enjoy your day and your deserved fame.

    with lots of love, as always, Annie xxx

  • Thanks Annie. I don't know how to put it on here but I will ask my nephew later if he can help. I was really pleased with the article but the one in the EDP only gives ovacomes details not the actual symptom checker which is a shame. Still hopefully people will check out the website.

    Alex was so excited about being on the front page of the mercury.

    I'm glad you all had a great time in York. So sad I missed it - maybe next time.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Well maybe one of the next get-togethers will be in your neck of the woods and we'll all come to you!!!!

    Congrats Jackie. We thought of friends far and near and toasted all your health. xxx love Annie

  • Well done Jackie!!!

    Lots of love to you and your lovely lads.

    Mary xx

  • Thanks Mary. I hope the article raises awareness. Hugs Jackie xxxx

  • Dear Jackie ,

    Dashed over the shop this morning and got my EDP ...really wonderful article ! well done you .... great link for anyone wanting to contact Ovacome and spreading the word and raising awareness .

    Now you need to country wide through a daily paper ...

    Speak soon xx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Juliet is trying to get one to take it and a magazine so fingers crossed.

  • Well done Jackie, all the best to you and your family, Love Kaz xx

  • Barbara has just sent me the URL to the newspaper article and it works! Jackie, it's a brilliant article. Brilliant to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and brilliant to let women know about this site. I hope the lady you're going to meet joins us and finds it helpful. xxxx

    The URL to the article is: edition.pagesuite-professio...

    xxx Annie

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