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Having a most welcome cup of tea and reading my new Ovacome newsletter that arrived in the post today I got to page 5 to see a face that I knew ..it was Annie /Whipett as Annie is also known by her pen name .

Annie is featured along with two others Gill Thopson and Sue Tohill as ROCCs ..regional ovarian cancer co-ordinator .

Moving along to page 11 there was a article on Amanda Stubbs who had celebrated her 50th birthday this year and it was Amanda's sister who made the teddy bear called Hope that was featured on the website a while back and the teddy raised £110 .00 after being auctioned off .

Amanda's party had been a chance for her to raise a lot of money for Ovacome which as she had said in the newsletter had helped her through her ordeal .

Right report over ..... back to writing Christmas cards ......

Love Jan xx

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  • Hi Jan,

    I read it online... as I don't get a newsletter perhaps I should check if I 'm a member LOL cheers for the information love x G x :-)

  • ha ha - don't go there again Gwyn! I got 2 newsletters. One online and one in the post this morning. I hope nobody thinks my name is Annie Whippit. lol xxx

  • Ooooh I am not sure now... I haven't had a letter or email just went on the site and read it.... so maybe I am not a member Doh!!! X G X :-(

  • You may well be a member, Gwyn, but I think we had to opt for online or paper copies of newsletters. It's all on the Ovacome site under 'Join us' I think. It won't harm to fill it in again and opt for a paper copy if you want one. You can always pass it on to your GP surgery for the waiting room. I do! Love W xx

  • I feel pretty sure I would have opted for an online news letter to save on the paper..but they don't get sent to me via email either...but that is a good idea to hand it in to the GP they do have an Ovacome poster on the wall...so I wonder if they would get sent one...(another one wouldn't harm) cheers love x G x

    8-) (sunny today) 8-)

  • What a brilliant idea! I'll follow that lead Wendy. Hope everyone else does too.

  • Good nickname though, suggests a v naughty past!

  • Something out of a Restoration Comedy?

  • Hi there Gwyn ....

    Did you not when we all had a little panic about it the other week !!

    Well I know I am now at last .... pretty cold here and has been wet and not very nice ..glad to get home and in the warm ..but did enjoy spending my birthday vouchers and some of my cash ..Poor B kept ringing me in the changing room to see how I was getting on ..lots to try on .trying to answer the phone while you have your foot coming out of a legging is not easy LOL ..had to have a laugh ...

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Jan,

    Yes I've been there it is so annoying when your phone goes off in the changing room or at the till aaaaarrrgghhhh!

    I didn't check then as I feel pretty sure that I am a member...I became a member before HealthUnlocked started... but I will check to make sure...love x G x :-)

    Ps have you listened to Babs birthday song? Annie uploaded for me on her birthday poem blog at the bottom xx

  • Hi there Gwyn ...

    Loved it ..just seen it ..the dog was best ..Just great little dance ..we could make that our Ovacome dance for May LOL .........

    Love Jan xxx

  • Yes... That would be good what with the stick out tum as well Haha ...it was really nicecofAnnie to upload it.love x G x :-)

  • Yes bless her .... Annie is not very well at the mo ....

    Wanted to send her some of my nice veggie soup as she was having a tin of soup for supper .

    Love Jan xx

  • Yes bless her .... Annie is not very well at the mo ....

    Wanted to send her some of my nice veggie soup as she was having a tin of soup for supper .

    Love Jan xx

  • Thanks so much for the thought Jan. Martin bought and ate the tin of soup. It was his treat to himself even though I'd made up a great pot of leek and potato for a rainy day. Looking at the weather outside I wish I hadn't done that. I wouldn't touch tinned soup. It's awfully shiny and doesn't really taste of what it claims it is on the label. Can't eat anything as I've got such a sore throat. I'm tucked up in bed with a hot blackcurrant drink and nice to 'talk' to you ladies even though I couldn't talk to you if you were 2" in front of me.

    Think I've just breathed in too much builders' dust for too long.

    I'll be running around again very soon. xxx loads of love Annie

  • Get well soon Annie

    Monique x

  • Hope you're feeling as if you're more lively today, Annie. Just take things easy. These things sometimes knock you for six.....or is that sicks? ;-) take care ((((xxxx)))) W xx

  • Hope the lemons will help ...

    You could get Martin to make you some Toffee in your new Kitchen ..but don't chew it as we don't want you in the dentist next week ......

    Hope you are resting xxx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Martin suggested a whisky and hot water last night and I couldn't even fancy that. I MUST be ill!

    At least better weather today and I'm going out with the dog and a breath of fresh air. I've got a feeling tomorrow will be a better day - ever the optimist.

    xxx love Annie

  • Ooooh Annie DO NOT GO OUT ..stay tucked up in bed (luxury)

    There is no telling you is there? X G X :-/ ;-)

  • With you on this Gwyn ...Annie you should be on the sofa with a good book and a nice cup of tea ..you have been poorly this week ............

    Love Jan xxx

  • Yes well! at least she's got a shiny spanking new kitchen....you can't have everything

    Be well and a new kitchen teehee xx

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