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Operation complete!

Hi Everyone

Thanks to all of you for your best wishes prior to my hysterectomy/cancer clearing op at the Women's in Liverpool. I am sure that, added to all the other 'good vibrations' sent from family and friends, they enabled me to come through the op with flying colours.........well eventually that is! I have stage 3c peritoneum/ovarian but the surgeon was 'encouraged' and they think 99% of the cancer is out with remainder of chemo sessions starting again in a couple of weeks. I have only the highest praise for the care and attention I received there.

I have sailed through the first three chemo sessions with hardly any side effects. I am having hypnotherapy, reflexology, have cut out dairy and eat really well. I have a seaband for the sickness, along with ginger. I used peppermint tea to help with the wind after op and it worked. I have loads of fruit, veg, nuts and seeds (especially linseeds) and I haven't had any bowel probs either. I am not arrogant enough to ignore the fact that some luck might also be at play here but I do like to think that I am helping myself to become healthy again and I need to feel I have some control.

I was (and remain) mortified by the fact that 5 out of 6 having ovarian on my ward, were annoyed that they hadn't been diagnosed earlier, with reasons ranging from gall stones to IBS (again!). When I am feeling stronger, I will defo be asking some serious questions and demanding answers.

Good luck and good health to you all!

Sue x

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Hi Sue,

Glad everything went well with your op...I had my op at the WHL...they are very good there...wishing you well with your wishes love x G x :-)


That is such good news Sue. Glad it all went so well and I wish you a long healthy time ahead. I agree about the problems people had with diagnoses. That's why I trained as a ROCC. Take care and take things easy for now though.

Love Wendy xx


Wendy... I think it is brilliant that you do this (ROCC) as I feel people that have been through this themselves.. are the real ones that understand...I considered it when I was first diagnosed ....but then concentrating on living has taken up my time....most people that have "recovered" (I use this word loosely) just want to get on with their life.. so another thank you for putting in your time to care...and hope OC will never come back for you... as we need people like x G x :-)


Thanks, Gwyn!

Sometimes I wonder if I am a bit of a fraud, really, feeling so well these days. ;-) However, I think that I have been through a fairly uncommon experience with OC and when I retired, felt that some of the things I had learnedned to do in my working life, could be put to good use with raising awareness and maybe helping others who are going through this diagnosis. I will always think of OC as being part of what has made me what I am now.

You need to concentrate on getting over it all yourself and building up strength before Thinking of doing anything else. We all need to have a centred approach to our health when things are not quite right yet.

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

Fraud ? No.... Help ? Yes... :-) :-) :-)


Dear Cerise,

So glad all is going so well for you. You certainly have the right attitude. Could not agree more with your anger about mis diagnosed being all too common. My current GP(not the one who convinced me I had IBS) is great and has thanked me for filling her in on all the patient related aspects, both before and after diagnoses. I also have PPC

I add my thanks to Wendy and all the people who move on but continue to advocate for us.

Best wishes to all


Dear Sue

I'm really delighted for you that it's all gone so well. Now you can look forward to completing your chemotherapy and getting on with all the things you want to do. I think there is some luck in that some of us have constitutions that bounce back and this augurs well. It's also good you're eating well and the chemotherapy isn't causing too many side effects.

I'm glad to hear the peppermint tea worked for the wind post-op. It seemed to do the trick for me too - that and walking to the canteen on Day 3. I'd been told walking was the very thing to release wind so put my clothes on and walked to the staff canteen for a Chicken Jalfrezi. Well it was either the curry or the walking but it certainly cured me of wind! That made me feel human again.

Good luck and good health. xx Annie


Hi there, I too was misdiagnosed with allsorts before eventually having a hysterectomy because of psomma bodies in my cervical smear ( apparently they indicate posibility of Ovarian Cancer) . After coming round from my surgery in March i was told that i had Cancer it was very rare and that it most likely started in the peritoneum, they said because it was so rare that the only thing they could liken it to is ovarian and they treat it as such. i had an excellent surgeon who managed to debulk successfully and they said they had got rid of it all ( questionable) hard to know really. i am now taking anastrazone to reduce the oestrogen in my body. I have a wonderful family and live day to day being unaware when it will reoccur ans they said there is an increased likelyhood within one to 2 years. Mine was also 3c at diagnosis, it is hard to find people with the same diagnosis as myself....mine was diagnosed as Serous Adenocarcinoma of the ovaries uterous and peritoneum. I dont fool myself i know the diagnosis isnt a good one. but as other people say i live with the effects of cancer and learn to do that, to date I havent had any chemo they say my bloods are fine and if there is a reoccurance they will then, but they said that this kind of cancer doesnt realy respond well to chemotherapy and runs an unusual course. Glad your surgery went well and hope the chemo is successful in removing the 1 percent that is left, it is good that you have had the good care and attention needed when dealing with this horrible disease.....Karen x


Hi Cerise glad surgery was a success and doing well .




Wonderful news Cerise, so pleased to hear you have done so well, I am sure that all you have done has helped enormously.

Keep up the good work - Rest plenty tho, Big Hugs from Tina xx


Dear Sue

That is great news but it is so typical that others were misdiagonosed despite the campaign to raise awareness- perhaps it should be directed to health professionals not us poor souls who are fully aware that sometrhing is amiss.

I am fortunate that my specialist believes in women recognising what their own bodies tell them.

Hoping that you continue to recover well.

Love and prayers



Hi sue

Well done for taking control in such a stressful time.

Lots of positive thoughts going out to you




H Sue,

Pleased to hear you got through your op well. feeling positive does help with

your recover. I used to have a three minute walk each day and i'm sure

this helped me to get back on my feet quickly.Hope all goes well with the

rest of your chemo.

Angelina X


hi cerise glad to see you are doing well i was diagnosed in womens hospital in march 2009 stage 2a for a year before that i was told i had urine infections some infection ay!! had major surgery but no chemo as i have a rare cancer called granulosa cell tumour and chemo is only used as a last option. Went back to work 5 months later with regular ct scans and hosp appts. Started feeling unwell over xmas 2011 with constant coughs cold viral infections etc had a scan booked for wed 18th jan weekend before the pain was horrific i think i knew what it was my oncologist rushed results through and showed an orange size tumour adjacent to my bowel. Had camera and was told they would have to remove my bowel and have a permanent colostomy i was devastated. My op was booked for 20th feb when i came round i still had my bowel, consultant told me they had found 2 further smaller tumours on bladder and vagina and didnt know how far it has spread. Took 9 biopsies and 7 came back positive, had ct scan at clatterbridge and go for results this wed im never going to be free from this disease theyve told me that but im staying positive and been told ill probably need further surgery and or chemo in about 12-18 months time im back in work now but im only doing part time but im very tired all the time. I really hope everything goes really well for you take care and look after yourself. Ive changed my diet too coz i heard that seeds etc are good for you lynn x


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