Hello I'm back in the light after Carboplatin!!!!

Hi All. Well firstly got to say a HUGE Thank you to all that responded to my depressing early hours of the morning post last weekend.

Well I am back up fighting!! Had the Carboplatin on the Tuesday (11 days ago) Weds and Thurs not bad ... but the steroids they give you boost you. Still walking dogs at that point!! Along came Friday...... absolutely shattered that's ok can cope with that. Then the sickness kicked in.. tablets took edge off. Constipation I was determined NOT to go down that road again as last time it almost finished me I'm not joking it was horrific. so I bought everything I could to combat it and ut worked.. Saturday Sunday Monday omg they were horrible days and nights . I had awful hallucinations I was so sick yuk... and when I nodded off at say 5am I'd wake up and think I'd slept for ages but in fact it was 5.04 am !! Really odd 3 nights.

Tuesday I woke up and felt slightly more like me. So I took it easy just had lazy day . Very thirsty.

Wednesday came and I felt back to me could not believe it!!!! Never happened before on Carboplatin or Taxol and Carboplatin. Never ever had 1 day of feeling reasonable so I'm so pleased. I feel this time I'm going to do all 6 . I told my oncologist I'd made a new years resolution to get through them all. I am so desperate to give myself a chance of more time with my family.

Today I have been out shopping and although tired I'm ok. So there is hope.

Had such a miserable time before. Had blood clot some damage to heat rhythm and a Nervous Breakdown last March.

I think maybe someone up there...hopefully my Mum is watching over me

Everyone who responded offered kind words of encouragement and just being there in the dark hours at 3am..I am eternally grateful . When you all have your own battles and fears you were there when I was so frightened. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I feel I can cope with number 2 on 21st.

My love to you all . Superstars !!! ❤❤❤❤❤ xxxx

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  • You go girl 💪🏻Glad you got number one under your belt ... onwards and upwards 🤗

  • Woohoo! Glad you are feeling so upbeat - keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you for round 2 xx

  • You did GREAT. what horrid experiences you've even through and how go fantastic that this time you were able to prepare for the awful constipation and get through these days too.

    Bad days take it out you both physically and mentally and I'm so so pleased that you've come through and can see a way ahead.

    Fantastic lady

    Take care and sleep well tonight

    Clare 👊❤🌼🌻⚘

  • Thank you Clare. I'm stunned really. but staying positive. Don't get it last 2 times I was so ill for the whole 3 weeks couldn't even get to my oncology appointment. Hope you are well... ? xx

  • ❤👍🏻😊

  • The really odd nights are down to the steroids, i think. I've just had my third! The first one was ghastly: 2.5 hours sleep even with a sleeping tablet the night before chemo, but did lots of household tasks during the waking hours. Doubled the sleeping tablets the next two nights and did sleep more - getting on for 6 hours each. Could have done with more sleep, but this is not so far from my normal. My resolution this time is to take the tablets, which I've always been reluctant to do, and sleep on my own for the first 3-4 nights of it until the steroids come down.

    Still they did their job and cycle 1 of carbo desensitisation regime went in. Glad your sounding positive and determined too!

  • Congratulations on coming through the dark side as I like to call it .. I've also just come back after 5 days in bed with fatigue sickness and generally feeling unwell .

    I'm up today had a bath washed & dried my hair and put a bit of make up on 😁

    Hopefully we should feel even better tomorrow .

    Carboplatin is tough because I think you look not to bad on the outside but inside I feel like all my life has been sucked out of me and mostly just lie in a daze unable to read or watch T.V.

    Do you find this ?

    Hopefully now we both will be able to conquer our fears about the next cycle 😁😁

    Good luck for you next one 💪💪💪💪

  • Chin up and all that. Been through all the same symptoms as you. Hated those awful bad dreams too.

    Get yourself a Nutribullet and start juicing and making smoothies to build up our strength and support your Immune system. Very important when on Chemo.

    A very useful and uplifting website is THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER. Lots of info and advice about alternatives to try and nutritional advice.

    You are not alone.....

  • well done....time with the family is worth so much...xxx

  • Well you have one down five to go and you are out the worst side of this for the moment so enjoy every day until your next treatment. Well done for keeping the constipation at bay, it is our worst nightmare/ All the best for the next

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