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Hello all, RE: Homeopathy and Complementary treatments

Hello. I have been looking at this site for a few months now and slowly getting the confidence to participate. Can you please let me know if any one is following Homeopathy treatment alongside conventional treatment such as Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy. I was diagnosed with stage 4 OVA in June 2012 and is on the second line chemo at the moment. Having good days and very bad days and sometimes it feels impossible. I have been reading the blogs of ladies here off and on to cheer me up and encourage me. So, a big thank you to all the ladies here.

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Hi Anjen, welcome to our site...there are people that can help you with this..but I would advise you that any alternative treatment you might choose to embark on... to check with your oncologist first as you are still on treatment some can interfere with this love x G x


Dear Anjen

Welcome! I know you'd rather not be here but you'll get lots of support. I am sorry you've had this diagnosis and think it makes good sense to look into complementary methodsbto support your conventional treatment. know Annie has been forma homeopathic consultation, I'm sure she wrote a blog about it. She writes under the name of Whippit. Have a look no the blogs page and use the search box or keywords facility to look for homeopathy. There have also been discussions on Turmeric, (curcumin) and ginger in the past. Have a trawl through the old posts!

There is a Facebook group, too called ovarian uk if you have a Facebook account. There may be some thoughts on there, if not, I am sure the women own there may have had experiences.

I hope you'll find some info that is useful :-)

Love Wendy xx


Thank you Wendy.


Hi Anjen,

Am I right in thinking you have breast cancer though? Love x G x


Hi, I am Lash, my id is Anjen. Thank you for your response. I have OVCA stage 4. At the time of diagnosis, there was already metastases to the left breast. The breast surgeon did a biopsy of the breast. I have checked with the surgeons/pathologist and also got second opinion and they all concluded that it is Ovarian primary. I am not sure if there is anyone with similar situation. may be I will ask this question.

Although the first set of chemo reduced the metastases and cleared, now there are two lesions on the left breast and the right axilla is also enlarged.

Love Lash


Hi Lash,

Welcome to he club no one wants to join ....I am sorry this must be really will get a lot of support on here sending you my best wishes.

love x G x


Dear Lash

I'm so sorry in reading your profile to see that you have a diagnosis of Stage IV Ovarian Cancer with metastases to the breast. I don't think Margaret will mind if I mention that she is dealing with a similar situation as it may help to get in touch with her. If anyone will give you a dose of good common sense and an example to live by it is Margaret.

Wendy has mentioned that I have explored Iscador and have obtained a prescription for this homeopathic therapy on the NHS. Please click on my screen name Whippit to see my previous posts. Others have posted up about different food regimes, and complimentary therapies. For some reason, going back 2 years since I've been reading blogs and posts on this site I have a feeling some women with ovarian cancer and metastases to the breast avoid dairy produce. You might get further advice on this from your oncologist - or you could try the Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol who give extensive advice on diet, exercise and complimentary therapies.

A few cancer centres in the UK prescribe Iscador in addition to conventional therapies. I believe Bristol is one, as is UCL. My centre does not but my oncologist and GP were in full support of my consulting a homeopath. If your oncologist is not trained to give advice you might be advised to go along the same route. I approached Dr Sosie Kassab at Leaders in Oncology Care as she's the only homeopath I know of who specialises in oncology care. Someone with this background would be able to explain to you the reasons it might work for you and any contra-indications you might expect. I have had absolutely no side-effects whatsoever,but my prescription will be changed once I recommence chemotherapy as my needs will change.

I'm sure you'll spark of another exciting debate on the value of complimentary therapies. I do believe they are complimentary and it would be a high-risk strategy to abandon conventional medicine and rely on them on their own.

I so often read that new members feel they have to build up confidence to use this site. Online friends here provide a wonderful support and friendship network. I don't know where I'd be without it. It would be such a good idea to set up demonstrations in hospitals to show women how easy it is to use and how much love, fun and support you will derive from membership of the site.

My last comment - and I apologise for a long post - is that you have created a blog that is 'visible to everyone'. This means it is accessible via a Google search to the whole world. If you would like to restrict your blog to Members who have joined this site please open your blog, at the top you'll see the options Edit/Delete.

Click on 'Edit' and at the bottom of the page you'll see the following:

Step 3: Preview and Publish

Who can see this blog post?

o Blog is visible to everyone (recommended)

o Blog is visible only to members of this community

Click on the 2nd option, 'Blog is visible only to members of this community, and then click on 'Update'. This gives you much better privacy settings.

with love xxx keep on blogging!


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Hi Annie,

Thank you for your kind response and pointing the visibility of my blog. I am new to this site and wasnt sure whether it was for Ovacome members or OVCA community. I have edited it now.

It is lovely to hear from you and glad to note that I could talk to Margaret. What is Margaret's ID please?

My mother is 90 years old and she lives in India. She has been using Homeopathy medcines alongside conventional medicines and I had a consultation via skype with her Homeopath who has prescribed some medicines which he says I can take along with chemotherapy. I am not quite sure and will ask my Oncologist for her views as I dont want it to interfere with the chemo. I will also talk about the possibility of a consultation with the Dr Sossie Kassab. Did you go privately to this doctor?

Yes you are right. There is lots of women in this site who wants to help and support and I find it very helpful. It isd a shame that we live in Grimsby and there are not very many members near us.

Love from Lakshmy (Lash)


Hi Lakshmy

I think I'm right in saying that Margaret J has breast cancer in addition to ovarian cancer, as I do.

I was diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2010, went into remission, and then started having problems in Feb. 2012. They discovered a large tumour on my right ovary and lesions inside my liver. Pre-surgery, my onc. was sure it would be metastases from the breast, but it wasn't. They concluded this as the breast was triple negative whereas the tumour on my ovary was hormone positive. So I had early breast cancer, and now stage 4 ovarian.

I think there has been some link made between dairy products and ovarian cancer, but not ovarian. My onc. at the Marsden told me that it would not help me to give up dairy as my cancer was not hormone sensitive.

So to conclude, these things are based on so many factors that you need someone qualified to guide you through the maze and advise you on what you can safely do. Dr Kassab sounds a good idea.

Good luck, Monique x


I mean some link between dairy and breast cancer, but not ovarian.


Dear Lakshmy

What a beautiful name. I can't call you Lash any longer!

You are lucky to have access to what I suppose to be Ayurvedic medicine. In the UK we tend to glean what we can from different cultures and there is no reason not to follow the advice of traditional Indian medicine because we dont have the solution here in the West. For the most part our BMA trained oncologists have little understanding of homeopathy or other practices. In an ideal world it would be good to get the opinion of someone who has experience of both disciplines so you can combine the two to the greatest advantage. I'd love to hear more about the advice you've received from your Mum's homeopath in India.

Re Margaret, I'll send a PM so you can get in touch with her directly.

I read about Iscador from a number of women on this site and have pursued it as I've had my first line of chemotherapy and gave enjoyed a remission of nearly 18 months. Tumours are now returning which is to be expected so I'm preparing for my second line of chemotherapy. I'm not on any conventional western medicine at the moment so I thought it would be a good time to try homeopathic complimentary therapies. There is at least more of a chance to monitor how effective they are in this situation. I sought the consultation with Sosie Kassab privately but have since obtained a prescription for Iscador on the National Health.

With regard to finding like-minded women in Grimsby, you could start a support group for your area. You could ask your local cancer centre if they would advertise it to their patients. We did this in SE Wales and had a lot of support from our oncologists. It's good to meet up with other women in a similar situation.

I hope you get lots more ideas and leads from your questions.

Loads of love xxx Annie


Hi Lash

Wow this is a long blog, you have obviously sparked this debate off again. I am personally a bit of a sceptic when it comes to homeopathy but can totally understand why someone would want to investigate it. So I can't add much in but you sound so bubbly (despite it all) that I thought I would say hello anyway...


Sue xxx


Hi Lash

I finished chemo at the end of March for stage 4 OC and my onc was happy for me to try alternative meds 3 weeks after chemo stopped. I consulted a homeopath and have now had 2 remedies plus I take green tea supplements, multivitamin, turmeric supplements and flax seed capsules. I have Manuka honey before breakfast too and practice a lot of idiotic e visualisations. It is my own regime and I figure it won't do me any harm and can only be a positive. Check with your team as I wouldn't have started anything whilst on chemo or without checking in with them. Be careful of google and be wary of weird stuff, I would say your mums homeopath is a good bet.

Glad you found us big hugs Amanda xxx


I cannot help with your question, but wanted to wish you well Anjen. Regards JanDeb x


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