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1st Outing,

Hi just come back from my first outing since I had my op on the 8th October. Nothing exciting just a trip to our local shops as I needed to buy some wool. It did feel a bit uncomfortable walking about but it was nice to get some fresh air. Its very annoying not being able to jump in the car when I want. At the moment I am having to rely on my husband. Just wondered how long was it before anyone else drove after their operation. I keep reading different things some say 3 weeks and some say up to six weeks.

Making the most of today as my husband is off work and we are picking the grand-kids up from school at 3pm.

Love and Hugs to you all Babs x x

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Hi Babs,

I think you should be really careful and not do too much at once. After just over a week

you should only be doing a short walk. Driving is a least 6weeks after op but check on

that. Put your feet up and have a short walk ONLY tomorrow.

Hope you are feeling ok.

Best Wishes

Angie xx


Hi Babs,

My surgeon said that when you can operate the brake violently on the drive, you're ok to drive again. It took me about 3/4 weeks. It was more about not forgetting where I was going! The first outing I took was to the local supermarket and petrol station, and I drove home without paying for the petrol!

Best wishes,



Hi there Babs ..

Its great that you have ventured out for some fresh air ..but I have to agree with Angelina that you really should be only doing small walks each day if you feel up to it and slowly increasing it .

Just a little worried that you might be over doing it .

It is very hard as you want to get back out there and be doing things but your body will soon let you know how much to do or not to ....

Take good care and steady as you go .....

Love Jan xxx


Hi Babs, I think the general rule is 4/6 weeks, you must be able to do an emergency stop (on your drive), if unsure it might be an idea to check with your insurance. I've been back d

driving about 2 weeks, I had my op on Aug 8th.

Don't overdo it, it is very easy to do too much.

Speedy recovery

Chris xx


Dear Babs

I know just how you feel. You're a very fit and independent person and you're not used to being out of action for a while.

I can't emphasise too much that this is the time to put your feet up and rest. Definitely no driving for 6 weeks - well perhaps 5 and a half weeks - and increase your walks gently. I was advised to get out and about when I was comfortable doing so - about 4/5 days after my op as I remember - and to increase the walks by 5 minutes every day for a couple of weeks. The first walk I had was just to the end of the road with my husband and he made sure I was sensible and didn't overdo it. If you feel uncomfortable walking you shouldn't be doing it.

The way it was explained to me is that you have hundreds and hundreds of stitches internally and you need to take things easy for a while for them to heal. Please don't take risks - a number of members on the site have mentioned doing too much too early and having various complications afterwards that they have to live with.

Six weeks isn't long and all that stitchwork is worth investing in!

Take care of yourself. I'm looking forward to hearing how you're getting on.

xx Annie


Hi Babs

Well done for getting out and about, but please do take it easy. I was told not to drive for 6 weeks, I think a lot of insurance companies would not consider paying out if you have an accident before the 6 weeks, so it's definitely worth checking with them.

it really is surprising how quickly that time will go, so make the most of it and get that body fit and well again.

Hope you had a lovely afternoon with the grand children.

Lots of Love Linda xx

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Hi Babs

I was told 6 to 8 weeks before driving, and I should feel I would not hesitate to brake heavily in an emergency. I saw my GP before driving, and checked with my insurance company, just in case. Don't overdo things, because rushing now could put you back, which would be a shame.

Take care



Hi Babs!

Well done! I was told 6 weeks after major abdominal surgery before driving! The crucial factor is the ability to make an effective emergency stop! When I complained of continuing exhaustion I was told it takes 1-2 years for the body to recover completely!

I was also told to inform my insurers and find out what their rule was. I waited until my surgeon gave me the go ahead. I convalesced at my daughter's in London last time so was almost fit by the time I got home and public transport in London is so much better!

Gentle walking is important and daily pelvic floor exercises! A gym ball is a good investment! Sit on it and do gentle rocking exercises to strengthen the muscles and help healing (protect against hernia risk) also buy some support pants M & S do some good ones they also support the muscles round the wound. My stoma nurse advised those!

Bio oil for the scar - abfab! I use it for wrinkly skin too and it has helped to fade my nasty scald which is now almost invisible! And the age spots on my hand! Boots have it on 2 for one at present.

Well done! Onwards and upwards! What are you doing with the wool? Something fab and glam I hope!


M xxxxxx


Hi Babs

Did the hospital not give you a guidance sheet on when to do things? If I can find mine, I'll scan it and send it to you.

Think everyone else has said everything about driving but I think the important thing to remember is the surface stitching is just that and you have layers underneath, so even if you are not driving a sudden stop could do some mischief!

Take it easy- think we all know you well enough by now to realise that is not your normal 'modus operandi' but you have to do it. It's the same with a Caesarian!

Lots of love to you - I'll have a hunt for that sheet after lunch.

Anne xx


Hi Babs

Glad to hear you were out and about so soon after your op. Please do take it easy since any tearing or jarring of the internal muscles can be nasty.

I read in the booklet I was given that I should not drive for 6 weeks and before I do I must make sure that I can do an emergency stop. It is 6 weeks today that I had surgery & I do not still feel ready to drive due to my abdominal area still feeling a bit tender. I am seeing my consultant on the 23rd so will ask her about the driving.

I have found the last 6 weeks have flown by as I have kept myself occupied with reading, watching TV, calling up friends & having family & friends over to visit. I have also started havng short walks outside when the weather permits.

I would certainly agree with everyone about resting & looking after yourself for the next few weeks to prevent any major problems.

Lots of love, Samixa X :-) ;-)


I think we are told six weeks just to ere on the side of caution but i was back driving after 3 weeks..

hope your ok.

love suzanne



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