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To Ally re- Post op Pelvic pain 3rd July

Hi I was reading your query but then somhow lost the thread ;( Anyway further to the answers (being a bit of a veteran, Nurse Therapist & Patient) Yu must also giv yur body time 4 Convalesance properly ie; No lifting, incl kettle, washing clothes, ironing, bending, prolonged standing etc for at least 6 wks, yur internal workings shud Knit bak 2gthr & the gentler yu r in the 1st few wks, the better 4 natural healing. Btw your body does most of self repair while yu sleep ! Adhesions (scar tissue) can b treated at physio, ask yur Gp 4 referal. Its deep vibrations that basically aid healing, reducing pain, stubborn adhesions post op. Gud Luck & Hang Loose ;)

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Hi phix


Things are settling slowly . Know should take it easy but find hard . It is hard not to worry about all the aches and pains . I will ask Re physio




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