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Post operative pain and healing

I had a de-bulk operation on Feb 3rd after 4 cycles of chemo. My ovaries, tubes, uterus, omentum and part of the cervix were removed. I was told that chemo makes healing slower but could anyone tell me how long I should be in pain when I move any part of my abdomen (lying still is fine)

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I hope that each day means a bit less pain for you. I had the same op about eight years ago, but hadn't had chemo, so don't know if this info is useful to you? After my op I was given a morphine pump for the first two days, then it felt relatively ok. (except for being very sick when coming off the morphine) I had paracetamol and co-codamol if I needed it. The co-codamol made me very constipated and the pain mainly came when I needed to go to the loo, so I chose not to use it. I was in some pain when having a bowel movement for about ten days. I took homeopathic arnica tablets before and after the op - don't know if they helped but I think they did. There should be a pain control nurse or a specialist gynae cancer nurse who you can talk to at the hospital. They would be able to give you more reliable info. Most of all, you need to give yourself the time to take things easy, I suppose it's different for everyone, but you will need to be gentle with yourself while you get over such a big op.

Wendy xx



I had the same op about 2 years ago and I remember the shock of seeing the extent of the scar. Its hard to say when the pain stopped because it was a gradual process and Its still very early days for you yet but if your pain is not getting any better I think you should get some advice, as Wendy suggests.

I haven't had any lasting problems after the op and my scar is hardly noticeable now so I hope you find the same.

All the best with your recovery.

Linda xx



I hope the pain lessens as the days pass by. I feel sure it will and you'll be able to move about without pain. I had de-bulking surgery over 11 years ago. Due to massive pulmonary embolisms I wasn't able to have surgery right away, so had 3 chemos prior to surgery and 6 chemos after.

Eight days after surgery I was discharged from hospital. I felt so good I had my first post-surgery chemo on that same day, then we traveled 3 hours home.

I had never heard that chemo slows down healing (I don't think it did in my case). I believe that mind over matter is very important in the healing process.

Hang in there, life will get better.


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i hope you are already feeling more comfortable- its still only just over 2 weeks for you, so very early days- I had a similar op nearly 18 months ago, but no chemo so cant exactly compare,.

i am unable to take some types of painkillers but think I was using paracetamol for at least 2 weeks after getting home, and thepain does ease gradually. I do remember that i has been told I needed to build my activity level up gently so that by 6 weeks post op I was walking for 30 minutes, so I broke that down starting at 5 minutes the first week I was home (week 2) and increasing 5 minutes a week and remember having to hold onto my tummy to support it in the first 2/3 weeks.

a useful tip from the physio who saw me in hosptial to help with opening bowels was to have a small step(thick phone directory or similar) to rest feet on when sitting on the toilet and that made it much easier.

AS Wendy said- do speak to someone at your hospital or GP, and do pace yourself gently its a big op to get over-

take care and hope you soon feel more comfortable jo



I hope by the time you read this message you are feeling much much better. I had surgery on the 30th July and then again on the 18th January, when i was operated on the 30th it was not good news and they found that they had to leave alot of the cancer inside me as it had spread too much, i then had 6 cycles of chemo and more surgery on the 18th. My healing this time round has been totally different, I feel like a new person. I found that both times my bowel movements played a huge part in how i was feeling on any particular day, if i was on top of that then the rest would fall in to place. In july it took me months to start feeling better and i really wasn't pain free until my last surgery. It has only been just over a month and i'm feeling so much better and notice an improvement everyday, for me personally i definately think the healing process has been different both times. If your pain killers aren't working then please don't suffer in silence as there are alot of different things you can take.


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