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Hair cut

Well this is my last weekend with long hair. On Monday morning I am having it cut short as its all going to fall out after the next chemo session. I am prepared got my short wig. False eyelashes and new make up. Last week I put my short wig on to prepare my grandaughter who is 5 and she said " Nana why have you had all your hair cutted off" I had to laugh but then I though it must look ok. So that make me feel good, love them all so much x x x :-) :-) :-)

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Hi Babs! I had mine cut short, it has been fairly short for years anyway, and when it started to fall out I had a number 0.5 and shaved my head, it was more comfortable. My son chose a wig in a bob but I only wore it three times, it made my head itch, the toyboysv seemed to take it in their stride. I never tried false eyelashes because I was afraid of getting them in my eyes! The expensive semi permanent ones have to be stuck to existing lashes! Wearing glasses is an advantage as eyeliner fooled a lot of people!

You'ld be surprised how easily children accept the changes and take things in their stride.

Love Margaret


Yes I know what you mean about children they dont see you as others do. I think its because they love us so much. My grandaughters think Im brilliant as Im a fun Nana x


My Grandsons just think I am weird!


Haaha aren't kids great !!! Babs you sound as if you'll be fine... my hair started dropping out on the fourteenth day and it took about a week to lose it all.... I know everyone is different but I lost mine twice now...and both times it was the same amount of time... the first time around I didn't wear my wig much ( I wore hats etc) this time I've worn my wig most of the time and I like it... (no more bad hair days) and people can't tell....... another thing you can go a free makeover ... a charity that helps you to put makeup on good (eye brows, eye lashes etc) it is free and you come home with about two hundred pounds of free makeup... It is called "Look Good Feel Better" it certainly made me feel good and I've been twice lol ... I'm an expert now haha (not) you could google to find out where your nearest session is.. or ask at you hospital... and then ring up and they will fit you in... Hope this helps love x G x :-)


Hi Gwyn I have booked my appointment with Look Good Feel Better. for next month I just missed the June one so going in July. They do it at Maidstone hospital where Im having Chemo. I have already bought the book and DVD so getting a few tips now. I never go out without all my make up on, but noticed the last couple of days my face is fuller and a bit red. I think this is normal because of the steroids. I am a very positive person so this will not beat me as I keep saying Im not ill I have a condition x x x :-)


Dont you just love grandchildren, I have 3 different length wigs and my little ones love to discuss my hair, is it short (when it came back after the first time or am I completely bald etc, they compare me with their other grandmother who also has ov cancer (yes I know what a cruel coincidence) sometimes we are both bald sometime one of us has hair. they take it all in their stride, they are so wonderful and great at cheering one up.

Have fun with your wig, I always wear mine I never want strangers to know there is anything wrong with me.

All the best George x


Hi Babs,

Well, I`m a hairdresser so everyone just assumed this would be a bigger deal for me. It wasn`t really, its amazing how what you think will be your worstest ever experience never turns out to be quite so bad after all.

I decided to shave mine off like many ladies do, it kind of puts YOU in charge rather than allowing the cancer treatment take over.

Did anyone watch `My sisters keeper` last week?

Well I was like the mum, I shaved it off just like that!

But first I decided I`d turn it into something positive and I raised a whopping £1,1400.00 for OV CA research.

I had three fabulous wigs - of course everyone who knew me knew they were wigs but everyone wanted one and the friends who told me they were so fab they won`t worry now if ever they find themselves going through this.

I even was asked by a lady in M&S where I had my highlights done and she added its such a fabulous cut too. I whispered it was a wig, she almost went into shock on the spot.

I found they made my head itch too but I soon solved that problem by wearing this head stocking underneath. The only real down side for me was they made me dreadfully hot. Thankfully I needed them through the winter months and by the time my hair grew back I could go without if I wanted too.

Now would you like to hear a funny story? Sorry to those who may have heard this before.

After I had finished my 6th chemo, we had a wedding to go to, I bought a wig especially for this day but it wasn`t such a good fit as the others.

Anyway, my best friend was just about the only person who knew it was a wig.

The day was wonderfully warm so everyone were outside while the bride and groom had their photo session in the gardens.

Then we were all called into the reception hall. We were about the last lot of people to go in doors (thankfully), I did duck as we walked through the arch of bramble, obviously not enough, I felt a tug on my hair and it was off, it pingged up into the brable tree, fasinator still attached. My friend cried, I howled with laughter and everyone esle just starred with their mouth open. The young school girl waitress dropped the tray of glasses. I tell you it was soooooo funny, it would make a good carry on film. Of course it could have been disatrous but because of MY FRAME OF MIND, it actually made the day and everyone seemed to relax after that.

It is indeed strange how such terrible things can be laughed about it and never actually seems to terrible after all.

I never once lost confidence in wearing the wigs - only that one, LOL!!!!

I used proper wig tape after that.

Love to you all from me again xxx


I can`t imagine loosing a wig in that way but at least you saw the funny side. I bet the poor waitress was shocked. I am having my hair cut short tomorrow think Im looking forward to a change. New me I keep saying to my husband it will be like having a new wife. :-) thanks everyone for all your words of encouragement x x Babs


Hi I have always had short hair anway, and now am in my 10th year of living with OC grade 3c (having a party in August to celebrate!!!). loved all of my wigs and hats and scarves. I did try false eyelashes but didnt even manage to keep them on, they were just a pain, but eye make up made up for it. I also attended a look good feel feel better day at local hospital and it was great, they can help you look your best while going through chemo, plus you also get a lovely bag including make up. Grandchildren can be quite hilarious, one day when it was very windy and I was out with with my grandaughter who at the time was aged 7, she said "nanny what if the wind blows your wig off" i said well would you run after it for me? she said "yes and I will and put it back on for you" These are the time you have to laugh about it. Good luck to all of us ladies!!!


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