hair loss

i was diagnosed last month with stage 4 breast cancer &start my 1st chemo nxt week scared i am ,ive booked my wig appointment for 2weeks time and have decided when im there to get the girl to cut my hair so short i might just go for it on the day and get her to shave it maybe even all off completely to save doing it later when my hair is on my pillow couldnt bear that idea

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  • Hi love,

    My choice was to get all my hair shaved off as it was less traumatic than having it fall out.

    I do have to tell you that this site is for Ovarian cancer sufferers and you would be better looking for the breast cancer branch to help you better,

    Wish you all the best,

    Carole xx

  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I too was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage3c and already had 4 sessions of Carboplatin and taxol, when told me me I will loose my long hair I opted to have my hair shaved as I can't bear to see clamps of it in my pillows . Now I'm used to my bald hair I just use hats or scarfs. Good luck & take care.xx

  • Hi trg, sorry to hear of your diagnosis but you need the support of the breast cancer site. However as regards hair loss, if you are going to lose your hair, it is better for you to sort a wig now get your hair cut short because that gives you an advantage over the illness and treatment, you are in there before they are if you get my meaning, all the best to you for treatment

  • hi do you know where that site is that i need im not very sure

  • Hi sorry you are going through this and send you my best wishes I think you need to go on health breast cancer


  • thank you for your help

  • You might want to consider cold caps. They have worked for me.

  • I have asked to try the cold cap. I start my first chemo on 2nd Feb and, like you, am aprehensive.

  • Hi,

    Here's the link to the Health Unlocked BC site

    I also found this site fantastic and very supportive

    Re the hair loss, try not to worry, do what feels right for you and remember it wont be long before it's growing back.

    Best wishes


  • The hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of some chemotherapy treatments, and whilst it can be quite distressing it's also an adventure of sorts. Your hair will soon start to grow back and it's exciting to see how it returns and the upside is no waxing or shaving and you save a fortune at the hairdressers and on shampoos etc.. I cut mine short then shaved my head when I started to look like beetlejuice, I loved my wigs, I still have them. I got them from simplywigs which is a brilliant website with fantastic wigs. Good luck with your treatment and I'm sure the people on health unlocked for breast cancer will be as supportive as all the lovely people here. Take care ❤xx Jane

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