Hair yesterday gone today

Well I managed to hang on to my hair for 18 days, but it was becoming messy, so my hubby shaved it off this morning. Feeling glum. I dug out my wig from my last chemo 7 years ago, but I still hate it, so I'm off out tomorrow to buy some new scarves, make up etc to try and get my mojo back!

Hope you are all feeling good,

Penny xx

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  • I'm still holding out if I comb what I have left right it still looks ok. I really want to shave it off as the falling out all over is annoying but my family assure me that it's not ready yet.

  • Yeah, I was going to hang on to it for as long as possible, but it was getting annoying! I saved a little bit at the front as i feel lost without my fringe, but the rest of it is history!

  • Hi Penny,

    Only had my first Chemo on Thurs so still waiting for my hair to go. When I was at the hospital they gave me a leaflet for this website they seem to have some really nice scarves, turbans and hats..........

    Helen x

  • Ooooo thanks Helen xx

  • I have 2 Suburban Turban hats and I love them 😍

  • Love the hats and scarves on your link Helen thank you. I think I'm ready to let my hair go as it is annoying but it's fear of the unknown really. I found chemo not as bad as expected so maybe I will find no hair not as bad as expected. I just need to get up the courage and go for it.

  • Go for it Shellygirl!

    Penny xx

  • Anna Bandana is a good site for nice 'headwear' too. Deb x

  • Personally, I !ove my no hair look. People actually tell me I am so chic, and I discovered i have a perfectly shaped head, a beauty asset i wish i'd known long ago (since i have few others). I combine the lack-of-hair style with beautiful dramatic scarves and ponchos, etc, so I really stand out, I don't try to hide. Somehow it works- I have never been called stylish in my life. Go figure; Stage IV ovarian cancer has made me fashionable! Life is sure enough strange.

  • I'm the same as you- completely ok with being bald and never wear my wig or the scarves I bought. I just wear a combat hat when I go out.

    I was so worried before I initially had my hair cut from shoulder length hair to a pixie cut , then I loved that cut! Then I was worried before it was clippered to a grade 2 but I liked that too. Then, like you I found that my head is an ok shape and I am so ok with being bald...mind you since the Taxol was stopped after chemo 4 I have now a small amount of hair coming back - a 6 o'clock shadow. 1 more chemo to go this Friday,



  • Clare, even though I'm lucky that 'the last chemo' relief feeling is now nearly three years ago, I can still remember that glorious anticipation (different on both occasions) of knowing life now stood a chance of building a new normal and all the things I looked forward to putting into it, again, different each time.

    Take care as you get through this last chemo (and hopefully forever but if not that, then a long, long time) and enjoy the journey forwards. We all deserve a big hug, some bubbly (if our tummies can cope with it) and lots of gentle 'me' time once it is over, I reckon.


  • Thank you Lesley, can't quite believe number 6 is here already although both hubby and I Feel that we've lost most of 2016 as Jan was the start of tests and here we are at the end of July already! Probably be back at work on a phased return at beginning of September and have already spoken with my manager re taking some annual leave shortly after that.

    I hope you are doing well and keep so

    Clare x

  • Good luck with returning to work, Clare. Yes, we reckoned diagnosis plus chemo demands a year of different priorities. Hair days soon back, plus glass of day!

    L x

  • Yea for reaching the last chemo! I have my checkups coming in August...always worrisome.

    You know, another odd thing about being bald, people bought me coffee (when I was in line at Starbuck's or wherever)! I think it makes folks feel good about themselves to help someone who probably has cancer.

    Yes, one learns a good deal about the beautiful side of human nature because of ovarian cancer; the doctors and nurses, aides, strangers in is an awful, yet a wondrous experience.

  • You go girl !!

  • The soft beanies are good to sleep in as I found it very prickly to begin with. I spent a lot of money on an amazing wig which I only wore about ten times! There is something about a wig that made me always more self conscious and false. Scarves for me -I'm always on the lookout TKMax has a great selection. I was also told I had a perfectly shaped head and felt confident without anything and spent more time on make up.

    Enjoy your shopping spree !! X

  • Have you had a look at wrapunzel head wrapping on you Tube?

    There loads of different tutorials for head coverings with scarves

    I'm an addict now ( and probably should have commission the amount of times I've sung their praises) and it costs me more than getting my hair done.

    My hair is on its way back but I think I'll still keep covering as I love matching my clothes and scarves!


  • Looking now! Thanks Dawn

    Penny xx

  • Hi penibear58 , I'm sure you will get your mojo back! I found a website called Live Better With earlier in the week they have a whole category dedicated to hair products and I think some of them might be suitable for you :) They have a good amount of variety so hopefully something will take your fancy! :D Here is the link : Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Claire! That's a good site,

    Penny xx

  • I just had my head shaved yesterday - it was starting to fall out and I just did not want to find hair on pillows etc. Glad I did it - I've never seen my head so it was a pleasant surprise. I have two wigs now (one platinum blonde swishy number and a more demure black bob), and a sun hat and a cotton soft beanie hat. That should be enough choice. The problem I have is getting the wigs on as my neuropathy from taxol is really bad si I can't move my right arm much. I will get the hang of it with practice. Most of the time it's just nice to go baldycoot round the house. Enjoy your alternatives ladies - let's have a bit off uniform we can.

  • Hi Penny,

    I probably lasted as long as you before the hair had to come off. In the run up to it, I developed a worrying addiction to hats :-D An addiction not helped by a friend of mine making me some awesome caps and bandanas in whatever colour I asker her to. I now have a hat in practically every colour and co-ordinate or contrast according to how I feel on the day. I also have a lovely wig called 'Betty' but she only comes out on school runs or special occasions.

    In the early days, I felt horrible and my kids were scarred of me :-( but now I'm not so bothered, and neither are they.

    I hope you get your mojo back very soon.

    Much love xxx

  • The stress of my hair falling out was unbearable so I got it shaved off. Maybe I'm weird but I actually like my bald head. I don't wear anything around the house, but when I go out I wear a wig but mostly a scarf.

    Best wishes

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