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Hair Loss


Hi I had Taxol and lost all my hair, all my brows, all my bottom lashes and have a few lashes on top in both eyes, I lost my scalp hair 17 days after the first treatment and then brows and lashes throughout treatment, I am finished about 21 days and I don't have much growing back yet. I Had blonde hair so got a human long blonde wig and rooted it with John Freida root cover powder I used medium brown and it created the effect that the hair is growing out of my head, I used medium brown maybelline eyebrow tattoo its a brilliant product to give brow definition (it can be applied at night and lasts 2-3 days) I did a patch test first to check for a reaction, then I used benefit precisely my brow pencil in shade 2 to mimic hair strokes. I also used benefit Ka brow and high brow pencil I found these products great to take away the alien look I had from chemotherapy without them I felt invisible. I also used revitalash for all of my chemo but I still lost lashes but when I had a few left I could apply light magnetic lashes if I had an occasion. I really found the hair loss hard so I bought some sleep caps and cheap hair extensions and double sided wig tape.

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All good tips.

The alien look. Hah. Been there, done that, hair grew back even thicker than it was before. Or maybe it's just my imagination. When my hair started to grow back, I was forever brushing my palm across it. Felt so good!

Otherwise, hope you're doing well.

coksd in reply to Nancy222

Thanks, that sounds so good to have your grow back I am hoping mine will too, and my lashes too. I tried the cold cap at the start it didn't work as I have advanced cancer so needed a very high dose and i am 36 so they felt as I had no other health problems I could take it. I barely survived the side effects but I did and glad i stuck with it. Hope you are staying well too. xx

Nancy222 in reply to coksd

It was so odd about the eyebrows and eyelashes. One day they were gone. Just gone. And then, they came back. They were just there. They couldn't have come in full grown overnight, but that's how it seems. Anyways, I haven't heard of anybody not getting them back, so good luck.

Great tips, thank you. I'm just now starting on the hair loss state. Head hair has been shortened to a crew cut and is persistently falling out. Eyebrows and lashes are still present but will no doubt take a leave of absence eventually.

Got myself a nice wig but wearing it rarely (need to keep it looking nice for when I return to work)... Belle Madame Olympia Mono SF, vanilla rooted.. a short bob.

edit: Did you manage to keep sweat away from your wig? Eg with bamboo caps? That's a current minor worry of mine.

Will google the Maybelline eyebrow tattoo.. that sounds great (less effort than painting them on manually every day).

Well done for finishing chemo. Hope you are doing well now. Have you tried any scalp products to encourage faster growth?


coksd in reply to Maus123

Hi Maus123 your hair piece sounds a lovely colour Vanilla blonde and its rooted, Is it human hair I bought Redken blonde Idol shampoo because its sulphate free and would mix it with cool water in the basin then leave it soak for about 15 mins and then rinse then used kerastase ciment conditioner leave for ten mins then rinse just place it on a towel and fold it very gently and soak out the excess moisture I never combed it wet then leave on a wig stand over night then style it dry, I got mine in early January its called trendco Amber and yes I used the bamboo wig liner it was brilliant. Boots sell the maybelline brow tattoo and also tesco I live in Ireland,I have 3 young kids and need to go out to drop them to school so wouldn't have time to manually paint on brows before I leave :-) I have now bought nioxin 2 set there is a scalp booster mouse in the kit. I started going over my brows with benefit light Ka brow before they fell out just to get used to drawing the shape and where it is they have sets available from time to time with little stencils in them and brow tools. Hope you keep well too xxClare

Maus123 in reply to coksd

Just looked it up.. that is a beautiful wig you got. :)

Thanks again for the ideas. I love Benefit products too.

All the best to you, Clare.


It is only hair in the scheme of things. I used to say hair is over rated. The loss of hair is hard. I have lost my hair once and went very thin two more times with other treatments. In the end of it all, I wanted to only put non chemicals on my body after all of it. My vanity has left me and I see myself as being more than makeup and creams. I think what ever will work for you is wonderful. It is great that you could adapt to make what ever you could to make yourself normal. Your tips are great. Please look after yourself. Sharon

coksd in reply to airfemale

Thanks Sharon, the hairloss is hard and can be very frightening, I have 3 small kids they were so upset I was sick and in hospital at the start and the change to our family routine, so they never knew I lost my hair, I did a lot of this for them. I was told in early December I had to have chemo straight away I was trying to get to school plays, visit to santa, get christmas shopping, I was going into hair salons getting fitted for wigs the place was so busy with everyone getting ready for christmas parties when I look back now it was so awful, I am glad I am finished chemotherapy for now and awaiting scan. hope you are staying well too and it is great to keep chemicals away from your body as much as you can, take care xx

Caryl in reply to coksd

Hi Clare

I’m half way through chemo & desperately trying to keep as normal as possible for my own small children. The cold cap hadnt really worked for me so I am now wearing a wig during the day. What did you wear to bed as I don’t want my children to know about the hair loss & worry about them waking up in night & seeing me bald!! Thanks x

coksd in reply to Caryl

Hi Caryl I had clip in hair extensions from Sally salon supplies and I bought a sleep cap and clipped them on to the inner stitching and they work fine, I know I was the same I didn't tell my children either and if my 3 year old knew my hair came off he would prob try to show everyone that calls to our house, I also found some corduroy caps in Quiz clothing in debenhams and bought sleep caps in matching colours as they fit under a cap better than a turban I plan to use them on beach days or holidays with the clip in hair too, Clare x

Ge0rg1na in reply to airfemale

Yes I'm with Sharon with this. As natural as possible. Having said that it really cheers me up when I get a compliment about my painted in eyebrows. I'm blond so it's hard to get them the right shade. I use a Rimmel brown and also follow my wig lady's advice and soften that with brown eye shadow. She said to use grey as well but i haven't got any (yet?) Isn't it awful what we have to go through? I'm trying to remain positive though and it's only for a few months hopefully. Stay focused and good luck with it all Gina xx

Hi Gina, I have blonde hair too and yes the browns and greys are great to create the illusion of lashes black liner can be very severe and hood the eyes, I find eye shadow pallets that would have come with skincare free gifts that I wouldn't have used before are coming in very useful, it is awful what we have to go through, Yes I am trying to remain positive too I find reflexology and mindfulness great too, Thanks and good luck with your treatment too, xx

Great tips, I too found the hair loss devastating. Always had long thick black hair with bright coloured tips...friends said it was my trademark so to loose that was unreal ! I've been on Amazon throughout my journey and bought as many different wigs as possible. Only trouble I have is heat, even with heat resistant wigs I get so hot after surgery (hysterectomy) menopause etc.... best tip I can give to avoid that is wear a skimpy cheap wig that isn't too full on top with a ribbon...headscarf or beanie . Keeps wig on when you use as a hair and tied and looks cool! Good luck xx

I know exactly what you mean about getting too hot. I used bamboo fiber beanie hats and fake fringes or bangs on Velcro or a hair and underneath. Looked as though I had hair but without the heat of a wig. I also recently came across halo wigs and eyebrow wigs so I will be trying those too next time.


coksd in reply to Flamingobeef18

Hi Julia where did you get the halo wigs they would be very useful in the summer or on holidays with a good cap over. thanks Clare

coksd in reply to Angie-69

Hi Angie I know I get the heat flushes too from time to time I have a small hand held fan I use when out but layering cotton clothes is really good and the bamboo caps, I must try and get a light wig hoping to go to Spain and Legoland this summer so need alternatives to a full on wig. I know the hair loss is devastating I was a wreck the week before i lost my hair I really loved my hair too thats why I cant adapt to an image with no hair, I will prob have to wear wigs for a long time as I won't be able to dye my new hair blonde for awhile if it ever regrows to what it was, I will check amazon as some of the wig clinics are expensive for accessories. Take care x

Angie-69 in reply to coksd

Just took a look at the bamboo caps...what an awesome idea many thanks xxx

Im losing my hair for the third time.The comments I get from family and friend....Oh,but you have awesome wigs..Really! You lose it once and its devastating.Let alone 3 times.Im am lucky.I have awesome wigs, but it doesnt get any easier.I am doing Taxol weekly this time which means I will lose it faster than when I did it every three weeks.I was so upset about my hair,I forgot about my eyelashes and eyebrows.Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!Well here I go again.Best of luck to all!


coksd in reply to Lynn_B

Hi Lynn Weekly taxol sounds hard, I know I remember when I found out I was going to loose my hair people said there are some great wigs that look natural, people mean well, I know 3 times must be really hard, hope you keep well during treatment xx

There is only one upside to all this hair loss (done it twice now☹️) - no leg shaving for almost a year!!!! Jo 🌸🌼🌹🌻🌺

Very true Jo!

Every cloud ................☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️!


I took an excellent oral form of biotin daily and it helped my hair return very thick but my lower eyelashes are still very thin and my eyebrows are a bit sparse in places but overall the biotin helped but I do not know if it would help anyone else.

Thanks Sharon, is that available without prescription I might try it, did you try any of the lash serums I am using revitalash this was made by a doctor in America after his wife has chemotherapy for breast cancer I will give it another few weeks and if it isn't working I will try latisse.

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