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Hi everyone, The thing that puzzles me is that I have been told I have OC stage 3c but I still feel so well. I know I have not started chemo yet that starts on Wednesday 20th June. I am back working full time, still playing and running around with the grandkids when they are over. And not sleeping much more than I ever did. I know this will all change next week but wanted to know has anyone one else felt like this at this stage. Also how do you feel after the Kidney function test which I am having Tuesday. The reason I ask that is that I am due to be at work at 5pm on tuesday, (seems strange hours but I work in a restaurant), Thanks all Babs x

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Hi Babs

Yes it is normal to be feeling very well.Many people do.Many people also feel very well on chemo.Hope it is like that for you.



Hi Babs

The kidney function test didn't have any side effects when I had mine, just very boring hanging around the hospital so you should feel ok for work.

Hope you remain feeling well, I was quite well on my first chemo, felt bad for about 5 days then ok till the next lot, was on 3 weekly cycles.

Good luck

Love George x


Hi Babs

That is why...It used to be called the silent disease... (they are trying to get away from that phrase now) although I think it is true, you often don't know you have it except for slight niggles.. this is why unfortunately it is often found late.

Best wishes for the start of your treatment love x G x


Hi Babs

Yes apart from slight backup no symptoms and felt absolutely fine, couldn't believe my diagnosis. I've felt absolutely fine on chemo had no 7 yesterday, last one in 3 weeks and will go from there, but looking good at mid scans, so fingers crossed. Like George, it was the 5 days after each chemo with the worse symptom being really painful legs and difficulty walking for a few days, but apart from that have felt great, hair is even growing back and can ditch the scarves. Good luck with everything xxx


Dear Babs,

I'm really delighted you feel so well. I was exactly the same - and had the same diagnosis as you - Stage IIIC - mine are described as serous undifferentiated tumours which have the reputation of being the most aggressive type of ovarian cancer.

Despite all this I made a vey quick recovery from surgery. Out of bed for a wash and freshen up a couple of hours after it was all over. Felt wonderful throughout except for post-op tummy pains due to wind, and during my recovery went from strength to strength. I lost quite a bit of weight and acquired a healthy tan during chemotherapy from exposure to daylight. I feel absolutely wonderful and didn't really have any symptoms to speak of during my chemotherapy apart from tiredness towards the last couple of sessions and according to my daughters I was a bit dippy for a day or two after the infusions.

The kidney function test isn't a problem at all but take something to occupy you as you have to hang round for hours.

So what I say it make the most of feeling well. Run around, enjoy your grand-children, do what you want. Who knows how this disease will run in any of us. Call me an ostrich but a dose of ignoring it ever happened doesn't seem to me to be a bad thing whilst all is going well. It won't lessen the agony if and when it decides to rear its ugly head again but that's for another day.

with lots of love xx Annie


Hi Annie , Thanks for you comment it has given me hope. I will keep running around for as long as I can the grandkids are my life. We plan to do race for life next year so I have a goal to work towards.

Love to you from Babs x x


I remember when I first heard the words cancer being shocked but i wasn't feeling well at the time as I had ascities. However when that was drained off and I'd had some antibiotics for a UTI I started to feel much better that I started to wonder if they had got it 'wrong'.


Thats just how I felt. I had ascities which was finally drained off after I had my CT scan. They drained about 10 pints off me. Now I feel fine still have the odd pains in my tummy but chemo starts Wed so hope 2013 will be the start of a great new year for me and my family and anyone else going through this. x x x :-)


Hi there Babs,

Wishing you well for next Weds the 20th xxx

After you have started it you are then bound to have good days and not soo good .

Just finished mine on 25th of May and now feel more tired than I did when it was going through me ..

Best piece of advice I was given is to drink lots of water and I do mean lots ..2lt a day wash it through your kidneys and liver ...not sure if it helped keep the sickness at bay but a part from a little heartburn and indigestion at times no sickness ...

Just listen to your body and rest when you need it ..something I have still got to do !

Take good care and keep us posted xx

love Janet xxx



I was the same as most of the other ladies, I wasnt ill felt healthier than I had in years. After the surgery and chemo however I feel pretty damn rotten ive never been so tired and I finished my chemo in january. I am hoping that I get back to feeling like I did before soon.

Good luck for wednesday.

Love and hugs.

Suzanne. X x


Hi Suzanne like you I did lots of excersise and was very fit ( although I am 20 years older than you ) my husband always said I ran around like a 30 year old. I only knew something was wrong when I filled up with the fluid and put on 10 pounds in two weeks. Chemo for me starts on Wednesday I know all the downsides but want to start now so I can hopefull be all done by Jan 2013 which I hope will be a Happy new year for me and all other women in our situation . Love to you and your daughter. Babs x x :-) :-)


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