My Ultrasound results are in!


I'm pretty new to this site, but I've found a lot of support since I have started coming on here.

Just a bit of background info, my name is Emma, I'm 36, i was having constipation issues & my GP did a ca125 test & it came back at 804. I've had an ultrasound & my GP confirmed i have a complex cyst, 14cm x 10cm. I dont know what a complex cyst is! Is this cancer? I'm with the Gyno on Fri, but my GP has told me I have to have an MRI scan. Looking back over the years, I've had bad period/ abdominal pains, but i thought nothing of them because i didn't have them every month, they were every so often. I only kept going back to the GP from January onwards because of the constipation. I'm scared i've had this for years & that it will have spread du to the time that has passed. Two weeks ago I had to go to A&E because the pain was so bad.

Thank you for listening to me go on with myself.

Love Emma x x

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  • Hi Emma,

    I sm sorry I don't know a lot about a complex ovarian cyst but this is a link that I think explains it quite well.

    Best wishes love x G x

  • Hi Emma, sorry i just replied on your older post, I'm not sure about 'complex cyst's either chic, but the way to think is that you are now in 'the loop' and something is being done. I so know you want answers NOW and not on Friday or next week, just a bit longer and all will be clear and something, whatever that may be, will be done :-) xxx

  • Hi Gwyn, thank you for the link, I had a good read & found it very helpful.

    Hi Janette, thank you for both your responses to my posts. I seem to be posting all the time, but I'm finding it really helpful to talk openly about this. I'm glad that you are feeling well and long may it continue.

    Love Emma x x

  • Hi Emma I've been waiting to hear any news u have I replied to your post the other day mine was a complex cyst which is why u have a fast app for Friday like I did when I went to see my gyno at the hosiptal they done another scan and what they said to me was we wud like it to be fluid filled cyst but a complex cyst is suspious looking and complicated for them so they got me a CT scan the next week which they do before your operation they can't see if it is cancer until u have surgery to remove it then u have to wait for biospy results but they can see if it has spread mine had not they told me 30 per cent it cud be cancer cause I was only 38 but my partner asked what percentage mine was 16 x17x9 so I had to have full open surgery cut up to my belly button which I was not happy about with the size of yours u will have the same I'm not trying to scare u I'm just telling u what happened to me as ours are very much the same I thought at least u will no a bit it cud still be not cancer are u wanting any more baby's as they really push for a full hysterectomy which I was shocked at 3 things in one app it might be cancer big cut and full hysterectomy I was in tears and shock but I said no only to remove the 1 ovary the cyst is attached to they shud not pressure when they are not sure it even is cancer have u lost any weight ? I no what u are going through last year in June I was feeling bloated all the time which I never get then my baby walked on my tummy I was in pain but I still left it till September before I went to my doctor this thing must of been growing for some time at least 5 months by the time of my surgery I looked 5 months pregnant and my whole tummy was firm like wen u are pregnant the deadline for surgery with a suspious complex cyst is 2 months from the date u went to your doctors about OC and scan I was shocked they cud leave it that long but my first doc app was 11 th September wen they sent me to be scanned I had my surgery October 15 th they surgeon had someone cancel so they rang me with 2 days notice I was terrified of the surgery leaving my baby for 5 days I was in for it came back borderline mucinous tumour which it was not benign but not full blown cancer abnormal cells that cud turn in to cancer but they still class it as having cancer no chemo or radiotherapy needed just scans every 3 months this is long sorry but I wanted to share my story good luck Emma remember it probably is not cancer x

  • Sounds exactly the same path as I had - also same starting symptoms! Ultrasound then MRI then final diagnosis. The only thing not similar is no suggestion of biopsy which I thiink would be an essential. The risk of cancer is relatively low if it is a complex cyst and you are pre-menopause, but they surely need to check this??? I think it is a question you must ask, Emma. There are too many misdiagnoses of OC and GPs, frankly, are not good enough at it. They explain things away as a rang of other things.

    It probably will have to come out but it's not the thing to fret about right now. Figuring out what it is, is!

    Keep at them


    Sue xxx

  • Surly biopsy is not a good idea, coz it perforates the cyst and if it is cancerous then will spill in the abdomen area. They must remove it anyway and will have proper pathology on all of it. Best not wait too long with a large size cyst coz it can twist around its core and than will mean emergency operation and high risk of rupture internaly or at the operation. Get it out asap, the abdominal cut is not important, wear it with pride when you walk alive after operation. Move carefuly , dont turn in bed from one side to each other, so I got mine twisted.

  • Hi Ladies, thank you for all your responses & advice. Thank you Rahgirl-74 for responding to my posts, & sharing our story. Your honesty means a lot. My weight has stayed around the same since the beginning of the year, & my appetite is good. I have thought about having another child, but it just hasn't happened, & I suppose now I'll have to see what the gyno says. I'm looking forward to meeting the Gyno on Friday, to see what they say. I'm going to do a list of questions to ask. I just want it out of me. I'm scared about the next scan & what it will show .

    Love Emma x

  • Dear Emma,

    Best wishes for friday.... writing a list of questions is a very good idea.... Love x G x

  • Hi Emma! I am Mom of 3 grown kids and I wanted to offer support to you. My very first appointment is this morning and I am also scared. I know there is something wrong. I am retaining tons of water and I have to have a friend take me to the good hospital which is an hour and a half away from home and my poor husband is worried sick and he has to work. I feel bad for him. I know he will come and see me if they admit me for the water on my abdomen. I am new to this also but we can certainly be a support to one another. I had awful periods also when I did have them. I had a hysterectomy when I was 31 due to severe periods and they left my ovaries which was sort of stupid being that my grandmother had female cancer. Anyway, I am going in today to be poked and prodded. Fun, fun, fun! No it isn't fun at all. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a friend of mine who has 2 types of cancer and COPD and she was basically given her death sentence. So, she tried this stuff called protandim and it has been making her cancer go away and she feels so much better. You can look at the product on and it also was a live ABC news report. I started taking it yesterday to help kill the cancer if I have it and even if I don't, it will help me feel better. Let me know about what the doctor says on Friday and I will let everyone know what happens today. I don't know if they will admit me for the water to be taken off or not. My prayers are with you.

  • Hi Momof3grownkids

    Thank you for sending me your best wishes. I hope everything goes well for you today. Am i correct you are based in America? Ive found it really good to talk to the ladies on this community. Please keep us updated with your journey. We can support each other through the tough times. You are taking a psitive step by going to the hospital today. I really wish you well today & please let me know how things go. God bless.

    Love Emma x

  • Dear Emma

    I'm sorry you've had all this worry - but welcome to our friendship group. It is a scary time waiting for appointments but hopefully the gynaecologist will start to clarify what's going on. Please let us know how you get on.

    Sending loads of love and will be thinking of you Friday. xxx Annie

  • Thank you for the support Annie, i'll keep you updated.

    Love Emma x

  • Hi Emma, welcome! - but sorry youve had the need. A complex cyst is one that is part solid and part fluid. A simple cyst is one thats just full of fluid with a thin bag of lining around it - these are always not cancerous. Complex cysts can be non cancerous too, but can be cancerous , more likely if ca125 raised. If its a complex cyst they would have to remove it all to check slice by slice if it contains any cancer cells - sometimes just a bit of it contains cancer cells . Usually they would have a good look around and take small pieces of tissue from other places again to check fo cancer cells. The results of all the the tissue samples can take a few weeks to come back from the lab before you know if its cancer or not - sometimes its quicker , the waiting is very difficult but have a good moan and stress at us here if it helps - we all know what it feels like

    Do hope you get some good news - will be thinking of you.

  • So, I went into my first OB/GYN appointment today and the P.A. was really nice. They were very detailed and because of my very distended and swollen abdomen she had another doctor look at it and take an ultrasound right in the office. They said it wouldn't necessarily show everything but it will show some things. So, I am being sent to do a thorough cat scan tomorrow morning at 8 am and I have to drink this chalk stuff they prescribed for me. The Physicians Assistant says that she can see no cysts on my ovaries but that doesn't mean that the cat scan won't show more. She thinks that I have a major adhesion problem which is causing me colon problems and its probably strangulated the colon. So, I am not eating or drinking tomorrow in case they need to do emergency surgery for my bowel. I am relieved but not totally until I find out for sure tomorrow after the cat scan results. I took my hospital bag all ready in case. My husband is taking the day off tomorrow and he is going to probably take us up there tonight to stay at a hotel so that we don't have to wake up so early. He spoils me rotten! So, that is all the news I have for now girls! Take care and prayers are with all of us! Mom of 3 grown kids

  • Hi Momof3grownkids

    You took a positive step today by going to see the Dr. I'm glad that you had a detailed examination. I hope the CT scan tomorrow goes well, & that they are able to give you some more details. If you have to have surgery, i hope it goes well & will be thinking about you. Its nice to hear that your husband is spoiling you! Please keep us updated & best wishes.

    Love Emma x

  • Hi Emma. Just to say all the best for Friday. Your symptoms sound very similar to my own in the years before I was diagnosed at 41. I'm sure you know that only histology/pathology will confirm the actual diagnosis. A nerve wracking time for you but stay strong and positive.

    All the best xx

  • March 20, 2014

    Hi Everyone! Wow things can sure change in 24 hours. I found out that I do not have a tumour or a cyst on my ovaries. They did a cat scan yesterday and the doctor called us while we were waiting at the hospital in case they needed to do surgery and said for me to do a bowel cleanse and see my regular doctor. Condescending jerk! So, on our way home from the hour and a half drive, when we were almost hope the Physicians Assistant had her medical assistant call me and tell me that I had a major bowel infection (diverticulitis) and that she would be calling in 2 prescriptions for me to take. She also said that she talked with the on call gastro doctor and told him what was going on and he wants to see me asap so I am being seen tomorrow morning at 9:45 am. My hubby is in the medical field and he has put me on a very strict diet of noting but jello, popsicles and broth and water to take down the awful pain and inflammation. I look like I am pregnant. So, the medical assistant called this morning and said that I also have a thyroid problem and she is calling in a prescription for me. So, all thanks to a compassionate Physicians Assistant for standing up for my condition or who knows where I would be. So, I will keep you all updated on what happens. I feel better when I don't eat anyway. How do people survive like this? Stay strong and may we all endure these hardships one stepping stone at a time. We have to be grateful for our blessings in our lives! Mom of 3 grown kids

  • Well this is good news....sending you my best wishes love x G x

  • Hi Momof3grownkids

    I'm pleased that you have got a diagnosis, & I hope that the medication that you've been given will make you feel better quickly! I wish you well with your treatment & hope that your appointment goes well tomorrow.

    Best wishes

    Love Emma x x

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