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Unclear ultrasound

I first joined this site because my daughter has had ovarian cancer and is still suffering effects of same and receiving treatment on benign growths to shrink them.

I then found I had some suspicious symptoms. My dr asked for a CA-125 which came back normal. He also sent me for an ultrasound. At the ultrasound the sonographer said from her point of view all looked fine, but also said something about if it was something to do with the bowel it would not show up on ultrasound, a CT scan would be needed. Today I found out from my dr that the ovaries were actually obsured by bowel gases. I am feeling a bit confused as surely the sonographer did not see my ovaries clearly and meanwhile symptoms continue. My dr has given me anti-spasm tablets for my bowel. Fortunately I will be seeing a gynaecologist in two weeks time. Has anyone had a similar confusing experience?

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It's hard, feeling you're not right and not knowing what's next. Maybe you could google the Ovacome home page and on the top right there is a symptom tracker, fill it in and follow instructions to get more info to take to your next appointment. It's called BEAT online.

I hope it helps to clarify things for your next appointment

Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Do not worry. Ultrasounds are typically done by a specialist radiographer - a highly skilled technician - who isn't a doctor. If she couldn't see your ovaries clearly, it's likely that there were no overtly suspicious symptoms in your ovaries - cysts, etc., and so she has written to your GP to explain that and suggest that you have a scan to find out exactly what is going on. The scan will read by a radiologist - a doctor with specialist training.

The gynaecologist will be able to examine your pelvic region and will therefor tell you if s/he can feel any unusual lumps or bumps.

I am not a doctor but I have had OC and also I had during my perimenopause, which started when I was 44, large uterine fibroids and several cysts, which came and went away again, as ovarian cysts usually do, before the menopause begins.

I think my ovarian cancer developed because I was on HRT for too long - eight years. When I was 52, I tried to come off HRT. I used a medically approved supplement which helped me to control my menopausal symptoms and also various drugs prescribed by my GP. To cut a long story short, my OC was diagnosed when I was 55. Two years later, I am disease free, although I expect I may have a recurrence, which I hope my oncologist will be able to deal with.

With this disease, as you know from your daughter's experience, you have to trust your doctors - surgeons, oncologists, etc..

I have just had a scare - an elevated CA125 etc - which turned out to be down to heatstroke. I am due a check up this week, which is making me feel nervous, as I usually am before check ups. But this time I do have bowel problems because of drugs I am on for orthopaedic problems - help?!!!!?


Hi Chrissie! My sympathies with the bowel problems. My Mum has diverticulitis and it's a real pain. I hope you can get some help with sorting that out. Just wanted to let you know, it's understandable to be nervous before a check-up. I'm nearly 9 years in the clear and I still get a sleepless night before my yearly CA125 results, so far the results have been reassuring --fingers crossed. However, every twinge ...... Luckily my hospital is great at moving things on quickly to check out any fears.

Glad you're feeling well at the moment. My mantra is "Right here, right now, I'm OK"

Love, Wendy xx


HI I am one of the support nurses at Ovacome and I am sorry to hear of all the confusion that you are experiencing. It sounds from what you are saying as if the problem may be related to your bowel but I am glad to hear that you are seeing a gynaecologist.soon. To be on the safe side I think that you should ask for a repeat scan so that your ovaries can be visualised - it may be that they need to sort the bowel problem out first so that this can de done. If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to give us a ring on the support line 08453720554.

Best Wishes



Thank you everyone for your answers and support. My gut feeling if you'll pardon the pun, is that I do not have OC, but was feeling unsure and confused yesterday. I think I will definitely ask for a repeat scan once the bowel problem is sorted, just to put my mind at rest, if the gynaecologist is not able to reassure me. I have had fibroids in the past and a microwave ablation to thin the lining of the womb. I was found to be in peri-menopause aged 42 and I am now 49. I had HRT for 4 years but due to blood pressure problems had to come off it. Thank you for suggesting the BEAT tracker. I think that may be useful, even though some of the symptoms could of course be related to other things. Still, it is worth geting an over all picture of how I am feeling and checking symptoms.

We are hoping for positive news on Monday re my daughters benign tumours - praying they have shrunk, so that drastic surgery can be avoided.

Thank you all once again.


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