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Clinicians' Names - Please do not use

Hello all

There have been a few posts recently naming individual clinicians. Please do not name individuals in your posts. If you want to share clinicians names, please could you do so through private messaging.

It would be really helpful if those of you who have named clinicians recently would edit your posts/replies to remove the names, so that the information can still be shared about your experiences, without the whole thread needing to be deleted.

Many thanks for your help.

The Ovacome Team

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Can I ask why. Names are shared on other sites and most posts are for community members



Hi Lily-Anne

The forum works a bit differently from closed Facebook groups and similar. Anyone can join this forum and the posts are public unless you choose to restrict to members of the community. We do apologise for the inconvenience of asking you to share specific names through the private messaging system but this ensures that opinions on specific clinicians are kept as a private discussion between members.

We're also aware that discussion of individual clinicians, even when positive, can cause anxiety for some members so this helps avoid that situation by ensuring only members who want the information receive it.

Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Many thanks

The Ovacome Team


Hello, I can just understand why if individual names are mentioned, it might be better if the posts are not public. However, I don't quite understand why if discussion is restricted to members of this community, this might cause anxiety.



Hi January-2016

We ask that the discussion is kept private between members who want to know, so if a member asks another member specifically about who is treating them via private message or generally requests private messages about clinicians that is fine.

We ask that the names are not mentioned in the wider forum posts so that members who do not want this information for the anxiety it causes, do not come across the information.

Best wishes

The Ovacome Team

Hello, I cannot say I entirely agree with your reasoning. For instance, I have filed away in my memory banks the name of Prof F in case I ever get liver mets and this is one of the ways where our forum is so very useful. I wouldn't have known about asking or who to ask if I hadn't recently read some informative posts. However, I don't wish to cause anxiety to anyone so I have edited my reply to an earlier post, so just the initials are shown and hope initials are ok. However, initials might not have much meaning in a few years time for someone newly diagnosed or recently recurred, searching for info. They will only have meaning right now to those of us involved in the recent discussions.

If you think it better, please send me a private message telling me why access to such information might cause anxiety, for I personally think knowledge, in our situation, equals empowerment. And we need as much empowerment aswe can get.



I also am struggling to understand how a positive recommendation of a clinician might cause anxiety....

Completely understand why medics names should not be used negatively.... I know it's been a blanket rule for a long time but perhaps staff at Ovacome might consider reconsidering it & even polling members? When HU MyOvacome started it was likely the only online forum. Times change and with familiarity with how these work perhaps people's sensitivities have also altered slightly? Sx


Hi there, I can understand if you are saying something nasty about someone & name them but if it's something nice would it really be a problem?

As for sending a private massage my page won't let me I can only receive private messages. Also I keep getting knocked off the site & have to get my daughter in law to sort it out. Which at times is frustrating but I do love this site so it's worth all the hassle. Take care Cindyxx


Hi Cindy

We have it as a blanket rule for all naming as even the positive discussions can cause some anxiety for members who don't want this information.

We're sorry you're having problems with the forum. If you contact the HealthUnlocked support team on the following page: support.healthunlocked.com/... and let them know the problems you're having, hopefully they should be able to help.

Best wishes

The Ovacome Team

Hi there, thank you I will look this up because I have used the private messaging in the pass.

Ok that make sence no one want to cause anxiety to anyone I am sure take care Cindyxx

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Hi Cindy

We hope you're able to sort it out quickly, but if you have any difficulties do come back to us and we'll also contact HealthUnlocked to try and resolve the problem.

Best wishes

The Ovacome Team

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I can understand why Ovacome do this.

Not everyone can access these services and might feel that their treatment is inadequate or let down by their health service.

This may cause a lot of anxiety.


Dear Howick01

Thank you for your message. This is exactly the reason why. The forum guidelines (pinned to the right if anyone wishes to take a look) developed in response to experience on the forum. Clinicians names and recommending services has caused members a great deal of anxiety in the past which is why we ask this is done privately.

Best wishes

The Ovacome Team

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Hi Ovacome, I have wanted to share information about teams in hospitals, especially for second opinions, as this is what hopefully will give me a better chance and want to share this opportunity/ information with other women. I have seen so many anxious posts on here by women who are desperate and who have been wrongly informed by their surgeon or oncologist, when there exist experts in London that can help.

It is not as easy to PM this information as has been suggested. One post I shared prompted me to have to write around 50-60 private emails, sharing some vital information for women in the forum. It took time and energy when I was unwell. In 1 post, it is much more accessible?

I'm afraid I don't really understand how any more anxiety can be caused by sharing information with women? We are all very anxious here, and surely LESS information and help, rather than MORE information, will surely only cause more anxiety?

Thank you for your help in any case.

I have edited all the posts I have written.

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I agree entirely with Howick....

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