Welcome ROCCS!

Welcome ROCCS!

Well done for registering and getting here. You’re probably one of a select few ROCCs to try out and test some of the work we’ve been doing over the last 6 months. It won’t be perfect yet – which is especially why we want your first impressions.

There are a couple of previous blogs below this one you can look at as examples. Try “replying” by pressing the button below the text here (Even something short like “This makes sense” or “ I don't like this” is better than nothing!)

When a new blog is posted you can get a little reminder in your email inbox. Do you think that's a useful option?

Or alternatively you yourself can apply to “join in the blog” which means you can participate by writing a few lines of any thoughts or observations once in a while that may interest the rest of the group. The more the merrier. So to kick off you can try the first few Ovacome functions - Hospital Ratings, Ovacome Answers and the Group Blog.

There's a little green tab on the right hand side of the page. Try pressing it. You then select to feed back a question, a problem, a suggestion or just praise (don't hold back!)

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  • Thanks Guys - its looking good so far!

  • Thanks LouSou - just like the jungle there are a few bugs here and there, but bear with us!

  • What if I don't want to be alerted to new blogs?

  • You can switch it off in your settings in "My Account" in the top bar if you want no alerts.

  • Out of ignorance I'm not a blogger so this is a new and interesting introduction. Easy to use too!

  • thanks teg - you're welcome to join the blog (see the pink box in the top left corner ). It's a group effort so the idea is it's less of a burden and responsibility than doing the whole thing of your own bat...

  • Hi Everyone. Well done - seems very easy to use so far. I think it's a good idea to have the email alert to save you having to keep checking the web site, but good idea to have the option to turn the facility off. Hope the testing day at the office is going well.

  • I like the idea of the email reminder.

  • Couldn't make the testing-out session, but I found this and have even managed to add a couple of bits here and there! It seems good, but will it supercede the Ovacome web page? I've recommended this to a few people so they can check out signs & symptoms. Will there be something of this nature on this page, or is this designed to run alongside the Ovacome website?

  • Thanks Wendydee. No at all intended to supercede the Ovacome web page which is the main organ that delivers all the key messaging, news and information to members. This has three purposes: 1) to provide a place where appointed Ovacome bloggers can give more chatty and personal news and opinions from round the office and round the UK and 2) where Ovacome members can give a bit of feedback on the blogs 3) to develop a bottom up searchable 'people's encyclopaedia' either in the form of the Question and Answers section, or in Hospital Ratings section.

    It's still testing at the moment so if there are things that people don't like they can be changed or removed... Nothing is set in stone.

  • I have only just managed to get through the registration process - partly becaiuse i have been away a greta deal. But to echo other comments - I am not sure why a second site has been developed - will it be linked into the main Ovacome site?

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