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Hi Everyone,

On the subject of fundraising.... Could I draw attention to Ovacome website...

as they sell Christmas cards.... which is a good way of raising awareness as they have their Charity details printed on the back of each card...( also a good way of raising money)..I have been sending their cards for a few years now.

They also sell jewellery in aid of Ovarian just click on the Ovacome website and type in "Christmas cards" in the top right hand search box and it will come up with cards and jewellery. ( just a thought )

Best Wishes All xx Gwyneth xx

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Great idea. Thank you. xx


Dear Gwynneth, I'm clicking everywhere but can't find the Ovacome website - Just the My Ovacome Home Page. Is there a link from here? I'll certainly go and have a look though Christmas cards seem a bit unseasonable and I only send a few to my elderly friends who seem to like them. I'll take a look as I do buy birthday cards and other event cards during the year.

xx Annie


Hi Annie,

If you go to My Overcome (top of this page)......on the left hand side....just underneath the wording My Overcome and click.... Home... Then on the right hand side of this page it says.. visit our are then on the overcome website with all sorts of information (very good website) It has a search box (right hand side)...type in what you are searching for.

I forgot to mention that I have also bought teal badges from this website... that you can either sell or give away, I put badges in friends and family Birthday or Christmas cards (people that I know well enough) I am not very good at selling things ( too apologetic) but wanted to raise awareness.... They don't sell Birthday cards this is why I mentioned Christmas cards.

Best Wishes x G x


Just type Ovacome into your search box. It will bring you onto the site. The Christmas cards are lovely. I try to send as many of these as I can.

Ovacome admin ....maybe you could think about blank cards for us to sell, to boost your funds? I'd buy some for notelets, thank-you's and other occasions!

Wendy xx


If you go to the homepage and click on the Ovacome logo on the top right hand side that will take you to the main site. Then if you choose fundraising then donate from the menu on the left you can set up a just giving account then you can do anything to raise money for Ovacome. Run, walk even sit in a bath of beans


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