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Putting something Back - Fundraising Ideas for Ovacome

Putting something Back - Fundraising Ideas for Ovacome

I've just done something completely out of character. I've signed up for the Cardiff Fun Run. After reading a few blogs recently I was thinking I ought to do something to say thank you to the people who set up this site. It's given me enormous comfort, I've had amazingly helpful and useful advice, and I count you among my best friends. I was walking my dog this morning and there it was - a poster advertising the run.

Now my friends and family will no doubt enjoy the comedy value of me attempting to run 5k. I confess I have a lifelong aversion to any sort of sweaty activity and the very thought of the Olympic Games brings me out in a rash. Here I am about to go out and buy a pair of running shoes! ha ha

Anyone else got any fund-raising ideas, however small or crazy? This blog is just to have a bit of fun sharing ideas, inspiring one another, and making each other laugh as we do every other day of the year. It's not for seeking contributions.

Looking forward to hearing about other ideas.

xx Annie

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Annie, I admire you, I have the same aversion to sweaty pursuits, I took the lazy way out and donated on line !! I have an excuse that I have a bad knee and at the monent on crutches. But I felt this site has helped me so much and have made many friends, perhaps download a photo of these lovely new running shoes or you in training, keep us informed. Love Sue x


Go for it Annie! I looked at details of our local race for life yesterday. But, very conveniently for me, I can't make the day.

Please give us all the details of when and where etc..And your training 'regime'!! Isn't that a frightening word?

You and Sue are quite right about this site. 4 and a half years down the road (can't shake off the running analogy) and this is the only place where I have felt I have been given any meaningful support from a cancer organisation.

Love Sarah


Hi Annie

I too am training to run the Race for Life for the first time in 4 weeks time.

Before all of this I did it a couple of times , but "walked it, chatted it and then went for coffee afterwards". I am following the training plan from the website and am really enjoying the preparation. It's more than doable , but I might eat my words in time.

This site has been a lifeline for me, and I'm so grateful.


Charlie xxx


Well done Annie. It's so easy to say "I must do something like that" but then never actually go through with it. Good luck with the training this site needs all the support it can get. Ive just signed up for the Harlow one but sadly will have to walk around as not very fit at the moment however I'm sure my nieces who I am doing it with will put me to shame. Any costume organised?


Thanks for the pic, love the trainers. Sue x


Dear all, Thanks so much for your comments and support. I've added a pic of the shoes for you Sue! I did .5 km in 5 minutes for my first run. Got a free app on my I-Phone to monitor my progress and Lance Armstrong himself congratulated me when I reached my target. The run is on 20 May.

My husband couldn't believe I went and bought running shoes and asked if I hadn't left it a bit too late for the Olympics.

Good luck Charlie and Michelle with your run, walk, or whatever. We must compare notes. I didn't know I had to run in a costume. I'll have to think about that. Any ideas?

love Annie xx


5km in 5 ins???!!! Lance Armstrong ? Am I missing something, its not cycling is it ? or is it the magic trainers . Love Sue x


Dear Sue, that did make me laugh. There was a decimal point before the 5 so I only ran half a kilometre! It was just a trial late in the afternoon after I'd bought my trainers. I'm going to try to run for 10 minutes non-stop today and build up my confidence day-by-day.

Whilst I spend a lot of time out of doors walking my dog and cycling I've rarely done any more strenuous regular exercise so I'm starting from scratch really. I was heartened that the shop selling the shoes said I'm well balanced when I run. Before selling the shoes you have to run up and down outside the shop for them to assess what sort of support you need.

The reference to Lance Armstrong is linked to the free Nike App in my I-Phone that records the time and distance run. You set the number of minutes and then start running. So long as the I-Phone senses you're moving it counts off the minutes and it tells you when you're half way to your goal. I had to laugh at the end when a male voice said, 'This is Lance Armstrong'. You have reached your goal. Believe it or not his book was part of the inspiration to try to keep fit.

Actually the trainers are magic. Scardycat advised me to get footwear from a running shop. It was a brilliant bit of advice. They're really light and springy. I hadn't realised how much difference they would make.

xxx love Annie


Hi Annie

Well done.How long do you have to prepare?

Trying to think of something slightly less strenuous....5km in 5 mins haha.

Best wishes



Hi Julie, well I have been thinking I could have saved the money on the trainers and given it straight to Ovacome. However it's good to have a challenge and I like to think of the trainers as an investment. I read some Macmillan research saying that aerobic exercise 3 times a week is likely to prolong remission from cancer so it's worth a go.

The fun run is on Sunday 20 May so I don't have long to build up my time. I just have to run 10 times as far as yesterday.

One of the girls in my office had a good fundraising idea. One of our colleagues is expecting a baby. They've put a picture of her scan on the kitchen wall and are charging £1 to guess the date and time of its arrival. The prize has been donated and so far it's raised £30 - with no sweat involved.

I don't suppose anyone would pay £1 to look at our scans!! lol xx Annie


Well done, Annie! Great idea for fundraising and keeping fit. I did a walk a couple of years ago with two friends and they got their friends and family to donate all the money to Ovacome. It was fun. I cannot run ...back knackered and too old in the knees, I'm afraid :-(

Fundraising ideas! Good blog topic! When it was my parent's 60th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago they asked for donations to Ovacome and raised quite a bit.

Also I'm planning on celebrating my 10-year anniversary of OC later this year, with a curry evening at my local Indian restaurant. They will donate quite a good proportion for all my friends and my husband's too to eat and have a sociable time. Quite a few Indian restaurants do this and it's an easy way to raise cash.

I look forward to hearing everyone else's ideas. Good luck with your training!

Love Wendy xx


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