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Ovacome will be fashionable in April too

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Good news on the fundraising front, as a good friend of mine Jo Williams who runs a stunning home boutique is arranging a fashion show in Berkshire for 25th April - and has chosen Ovacome as her charity, after remarkably little prompting. I will be there rattling a tin (note to self, order tin) and handing out flyers about BEAT etc (note to self... ok you get the idea).

Jo's personal shoppig boutique is great and i would urge anyone in the vicinity to book a visit - great clothes at great prices. Check out her site at myuniqueboutique.me/ - it's like an Aladdin's cave. And anyone who can make it to the fashion show should book up!

More good news is that I've now checked with Ovacome re the candle - that's OK to put the logo on my sites and push those candles as fundraisers, and the same re my jewellery site and a piece of pearl jewellery - I'm how planning a teal pearl and silver piece which will knock your socks off ;-) More things to sell for the cause, ladies.

The candle is coming along nicely, before you ask - wax and wick tests are done, I now need just to play with the scent and colour. My plan is to have lots ready for Members Day, and Ovacome have kindly agreed I can display them there. But I'll have them ready before that too, I hope for anyone who wants to start flogging away.

Lastly also good news re the ebook - I have all the bank info I need to sort out publishing some of Gwyn's lovely poems on iTunes, per previous discussions!

Not a bad day, all around. I'm sorry it's all taken so long, but i have JUST managed to get my new pearls and candles websites sorted and live and launch them, on facebook and twitter; it's all been a bit time consuming (what with also going back to work full time, etc. etc.).

Bye for now - I'm off to Unique for some holiday clothes shopping tonight - I was too fat for most of her clothes before, but not anymore... :-D


Sue xxx

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Hi Sue,

My heads in a spin I can't keep up :-O but it all sounds good :-/ ;-)

Ps.did you manage to get to read my poem on Sharon's teal knickers? :-/ I thought perhaps you were offended :-( then I thought Nah you're too busy ;-) love x G x

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That all sounds really supercharged! You have been working wonders ....... will certainly buy some candles! Well done. You are a WonderWoman! Let us know about the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Love Wendy xx

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Sue - this is all amazing! You've been so busy I'm in as much as a spin as Gwyn. I also need to do some catching up as I haven't heard about Sharon's teal knickers. lol That does make me laugh. I for one would rather wear teal knickers than wear it on my nails as my hands and nails aren't for showing off. Far too much winching and heaving on boat to have any nails left to show off.

I have threatened to have plastic ones stuck on for Ovarian Cancer Month so I can wear nail varnish but I tried that once before with disastrous consequences. Ended up having a romantic dinner with half the manicured nails still in place and the other half of the nails all over the table revealing my ugly split tips covered with glue that had gone black.

I'll be buying loads of candles. Can't wear jewellery for the same reason as the nail polish - gets caught in the rigging and imminent risk of strangling. I'm too young to die yet. xxxx

Love your energy. xxxx Annie

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Haha Annie,

We were having a banter about Sharon wearing hand warmers in her pants for her wedding, Sue suggested giant teal pants, and then was disappointed that I didn't put it in the wedding poem, so I wrote another humorous poem about the banter and her teal knickers teehee... Sue's got my brain in a spin too ....love x G x :-)

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Whippit in reply to

I've obviously been asleep on watch. Must've been my weekend in Cornwall has distracted me. I'll look back through the blogs to catch up.

My dining room table is piled up with Ovacome stuff. Even Martin had something to say about it today. I'm making up two displays for Ovarian Cancer Month and have probably bought too much but better to have everything on hand to work out what looks best.

Hope to speak soon. Love Annie xx

I loved the teal Knicks reference Gwyn just been a but busy as you say. And as can be shown from the above, LOL... I also have 2 big PR accounts to run, 2 new business pitches on the go, and am writing 3 white papers of 5000 words or so each....!

That's sad about your disastrous nails Annie - I love my nails and was terrified they would fall off during chemo! Luckily they didn't and are nice and long. The trick is to avoid the washing up. YES Gwyn, I also avoid that as well as the cooking. That's what one has technology for! I will def be doing the teal tips thing though I agree with your comments on the Ovacome blog Annie, its a shame there isn't more activity with oomph and impact planned...

Sorry for the all in one response but also: well Wendy if you want to find me on twitter etc check out @Pearls_UK and @AromandCandles - follow away! You do need to be on Twitter to do that. I have no idea if any of you ladies are on it or not... If not check online Http://pearlsuk.com and aromand.com. Don't you dare buy anything - I am setting up a code you lot can use with a discount, and we will do the ovacome ones separately. However if you want to send anyone else there... Mind you don't even do that til I am back from Rome!!! I have to get the ovacome logo and donation links on there yet, too. So many things, so little time...

Love Sue xxx

Hi Sue, I had to stop for breath just reading your post. It's marvelous that you have so much energy.

I too would like some candles.

Have a fab time in Rome

Love Chrisxx

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Hi Sue

I'm running to keep up! Wish I had half of your energy...keep it up!

Have a fab time in Rome, never been there!

Look forward to the candles, I am on twitter so will find that.

Love Linda xxx

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Fabuuuulous - well done on all the projects! Can't wait to sniff the candles and swing the pearls and now it's time to seek out real knickers lol

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Sounds great! Well done!

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