Away from home and convinced it's back

I was given the all clear after hysto' and 1st line chemo last year. I'm in the UK on holiday at the mo', staying with friends and am experiencing duplicate symptoms to when I was diagnosed in June '11. My instinct is to keep going until the end of my holday (next Wednesday) when I've already got a routine check up plus CA125 and an ultrasound booked but they bloating, inability to eat, and background headache are beginning to get me down. Not to mention the sheer worry and upset because I pretty much know what's wrong.

I guess I should go to the doc's over here (although not really sure how that works - should I ring a gp or go to A&E?) but I'm reluctant to cut into my lovely hol' as I have a fun weekend with other friends ahead and if it's all going to kick off again then I reckon I need to take all the good times I can get out of life while I can.

Is there a fix anybody has used which helped with the bloating/appetite issues in the short term which might at least make my hol more fun and comfortable until I can get back to the medics I know and trust?

What would you do? Any ideas, gals?

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  • Hi Frenchdeb,

    I don't think I have the answer to this,I am sorry that you are not too good, I would finish your holiday though, there is no point in cutting it short,if it's any consolation I had a recurrence well over a year before my oncologist did anything about it, and I am now in remission, so I don't think the delay made any difference to the could ring the Ovacome helpline to ask their advise and speak to Ruth Payne tel 0845 371 0554 she might be able to advice you on how to manage the bloating etc. you will need to ring today as they are not there on weekends all the best love x G x 8-)

  • Dear Deb

    I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling bad so far from home. What a nightmare because I'd imagine you don't get over here too frequently and it's a tough call if you're putting on a brave face so as not to worry relatives and friends. I think Gwyn's idea about phoning Ovacome for a chat is a good one and hopefully just sharing your worries on this site and having some feedback and support will help too.

    I'd echo Gwyn's advice that waiting another week won't do any harm since you have your CA125 test and scan awaiting you in Canada when you return home. I'm not sure that over-the-counter remedies for bloating will help but you could try that, and some pain relief for the headache. It may sound harsh but I don't think a visit to a GP or A & E will do much to help at the moment. Chatting here to us is probably your best bet and a little glass of wine this evening if you fancy that.

    Do please let us know how you are and what happens when you get home.

    Love and hugs. Annie xx

  • Dear Deb

    Just to say what the others have said.......ring Ruth she is so knowledgeable. My feeling is, a few days won't make much difference, except for the comfort factor and how all this is making you feel. Ruth will give you the expert advice you need and will also let you know how to access emergency medical treatment if you need a check up over here. Poor you, what a worry. Also there's a Bank Hol this weekend, so everything is shutting down for three days over the weekend, so ring Ruth tomorrow, if you haven't done that

    All the best,

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy,

    I hadn't realised it's a bank holiday this weekend...but then it's only reading your comment now that I realise it's Thursday today ( I thought it was Friday) Doink ! That's why I said Debs would need to ring today haha... By the way have you read my poem for Shen about the dog she rescued ? she is so chuffed that I would be grateful if you would read hasn't had many comments and I think her story is great...cheers love x G x :-)

  • Just read it,Gwyn! Terrific....what a really lovely story too. Anyone would be thrilled to have a poem speciAlly written for them. You're our OCPoet Laureate! :-D

    Love Wendy xx

  • I did phone Ovacome on your kind advice, thanks. Ruth wasn't there but the other woman who called me back was very pleasant, suggesting it'sreally better to speak to my own team. Unless things take a drastic turn for the worse then I'm sticking to my travel plans and am off to Silverstone tomorrw. Thanks to those of you who responded.

  • Enjoy silverstone...hope and pray that things will improve and that you will have a great x G x 8-) and the sunshine 8-)

  • Frenchdeb,

    So sorry you are having this scare whilst over here on holiday. I know from experience how one always feels much more vulnerable in another country. I hope you will be able to stick to your plans and finish your stay.. and hope you had a super day at Silverstone.

    Good luck for the future, Love Solange

  • Not sure this will work for you, but for bloating my Mother used to use a tiny drop or two of peppermint oil in hot water and sipped it slowly. I tired it for bloating due to PMS and it worked for me. My daughter (aged almost 19) had OC at 16 nearly 17 and has been going through awful bowel problems lately which we feel are definitely related to the OC. She has had awful bloating and pain lately and is now going to try the peppermint oil. We are also fearing that she has another, active tumour - routine scan is in just less than a month. She has looked so ill and has no energy at all, plus the bloating and feeling full. She has used the medicines the Hospital gave her and got the GP to change it (as advised) because it did not work. The new lot works as far a constipation is concerned but she still suffers terrible pain at times and because the medicine is so effective the pain does not make sense and neither does the bloating :(

    I am hoping your results are better than you are expecting.


  • Had a lovely weekend although nothing has realy improved. My darling o/h is catching the train to Calais in the morning so he can drive me back home. What would we do without our families - especially as we put them through it so! Of course he thinks I should have gone back a week ago but the dread of a return just makes me determined to do what I can, when I can.

    Thanks again for all your good wishes. I will try to keepyou posted.

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