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I was thinking the other day that charities don't really run on thin air, do they? I've recently opened a blog to show friends and family what it's like to be me. As we're always saying here, everyone's different; we all have a story to tell and we all feel the hurt in different ways. The idea to do this wasn't mine but it's a good one and effective in raising awareness which is what's important.

Love to you... T xxx

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  • Tina, do please give us a link so we can read your story. It's so important to use whatever means we can to promote the symptoms and raise awareness of ovarian cancer and if in doing so we can raise funds for worthy charities so much the better.

    It does strike me that this forum has hundreds of tales to tell and if we could persuade people to post up their stories on pages such as JustGiving there's a great opportunity for us to be proactive in raising funds.

    xxx love Annie

  • Morning Annie .. It's

    I didn't really want people to give from here .. But it is a very good way of keeping friends and family informed... and a good way of showing the reasons why so many women are suffering unnecessarily x x

  • I just read your blog on Just Giving and I have shared it on my facebook page. What an insightful, alarming, witty and courageous story your story is. Thank you for sharing it and I hope you don't mind that I am sharing it on my facebook page. Best Wishes. Lisa xxx

  • No Lisa... I think it's brilliant you're doing that... thank you so much.. :)

  • You've done such a good job of evoking the painful learning curve we've all been on and the randomness of the routes which lead us to make friends in chemo suites, waiting rooms and on here. I'll be passing it on. Thank you!

  • Thanks Mac .. I'm really pleased that you think it evokes .. Well, that feeling I mean .. and that my journey has echos of everyone's journey somewhere in it. I've made connections with others who are in The Club Nobody Wants To Belong to as Gwyn puts it ... Friendships which go very deep almost immediately. The thing about this illness I have is the injustice of it. More research is needed. There are many things I feel about the situation I keep to myself and hope that what comes out in its place is something which is more of what I am and not how the disease is. I seem to be emerging from the mist. Love to you .. And thanks again. Tina x x

  • Just read your blog and as others have said it is a very insightful read. Good luck.x

  • Hi there... thanks ... I intend to keep it going for as long as I can think of something worthwhile to say.... T xx

  • Thank you for writing your blog and sharing it with us. I have shared with my Facebook friends. keep fighting. Big hugs xo

  • Thanks for doing that... I appreciate it. I think I have 157 likes on FB for the link. Apparently, when someone shares the link on FB, that doesn't add to the number. It has to be someone who goes onto Justgiving and then clicks on like. I think that's how it works .. so I was told today. The more people who understand the issues, the more likely more women are going to ask questions if they get symptoms. That's the feeling I have. Thanks for sharing the link again... T xx

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