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An idea for the forum and Ovacome support

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Hi All

After reading LIlly-Ann’s post re updating profiles and Danforth’s post re long term survivors I thought about what they do on the Inspire forum.

Twice a year, they have chosen Valentine’s Day and labor (American spelling) day as update days. So people who do not visit the forum now or rarely do know that these 2 dates are the days to go on and give an update if they wish or see what others have done.

It would involve the forum administrators making the thread a “sticky” otherwise it would get lost in the forum traffic. It would not detract from the regular postings of the more active members but might encourage those occasional posters or visitors to the forum. It seems to work well in the Inspire forum. They also put in the update emails those threads that have new postings and indicate this as such. It makes it easier if you have thought you have read a thread to know if there have been new replies. I know you can opt to follow a thread but often there are so many on this site that it is not always feasible.

What do you think guys and administrators?

Any other ideas out there.


21 Replies
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Love it 😊

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Sounds a great idea 💜

Kim x

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Sounds great. I'm sure many of us feel too 'down' or fragile for some days or weeks at a time and get out of the habit of daily checks, so think this would give us just what we need.


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angeladale in reply to lesleysage

Yes , absolutely , I get fed up and forget to look or post ....excellent idea x

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Maybe our days could be the two dates the clocks change: last full weekends in March & October? Linda xx

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Good idea. 6 months apart.


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Brilliant idea!



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Hello All

We could certainly start an update post and pin it to the side, twice a year around when the clocks change.

I'll contact the Health Unlocked team to ask about the email updates highlighting when a post has new replies and I'll let you know.

Best wishes


Ovacome Support Service Manager

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Thanks Anna- looks like we have a plan!


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lesleysage in reply to Petrolhead

What a good day's work, Fay!


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I thinks that’s a lovely idea Fay, I often worry what happens to people and don’t want to intrude,

Well done😀

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Excellent idea!

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It is a good idea for those who are good with technology.

I was left off the inspire forum and could not understand why this happened-now I know.

All the best to everyone if this happens to me here xxx

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Petrolhead in reply to Howick01


Not sure what you mean about being left off.

In the Indpire forum you do not get kicked off the forum if you do not post in the thread.


in reply to Petrolhead

I had no idea they did this - your suggestion's such a good idea.

But like Howick01, I used to get the daily email from Inspire with new posts, but don't any more, and I don't remember unsubscribing myself, so perhaps doing the updates do also function as a confirmation that you do want to continue receiving them? I shall revisit mine and see what happens! x

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Petrolhead in reply to

Hi Mac

I still get daily updates and I never posted updates.

It must be something else.


in reply to Petrolhead

hmmmm... a case for Sherlockina....

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Howick01 in reply to Petrolhead

I stopped getting e-mails even though I did respond to posts and their surveys that some conducted.

I cannot even do Facebook properly!!!!!!

So I rest my case


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sounds good Fay....xx

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Great idea Fay - & thanks to Ovacome for making it happen xx

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Superb idea doing this when the clocks change is a great way to remind us.

Ellsey xx

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