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I had my reflexology last week at the Big C at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and enjoyed it very much . When I came out I got chatting to a lady who as you do asked what I had ..I told her OC and she said she had the same ..Was diagnosed in 2008 and bless her was at stage 3 but the beast had come back more than once , she told me untill she had spoke to me she had not MET anyone else with OC .She went back to her ward as she was an in patient but before she went we swopped tel numbers .

In came another lady with her friend ..we get talking and this lady who has the same name as lady one ! has OC stage 3 and again till we spoke had not met anyone else with OC .We also swopped tel numbers .

On Friday I had my 4th chemo and this time I get to sit near someone as normally the chairs are in a long line ... The lady I sit near we get chattering too and it turns out that she has OC but bless her after first line treatment in 2010 it has come back ..She also told me that untill we had met she had not met anyone at ALL with OC .

It was amazing to meet these very brave ladies .

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  • Dear Jan,

    At the hospital I go to wehave a gynae cancer support group. We meet once a month very informally to chat have talks etc. It was started a few years ago by the two support nurses who are both excellent cake makers!!!

    I do enjoy going it's rather like being on here talking to ladies in the same position as you are and who understand.

    Perhaps you could ask your support nurse if one could be started in Norwich.

    Love Marilyn

  • Hi there Marilyn ,

    Thanks for your reply xx

    There is something called Pandora's box and they have their meeting at the Big C and its for ladies with Gynae Cancer but theres no meeting till July .They did have one in March but I missed it as had Shingles at the time ...

    Hope to get to the July meeting ..

    Love Janet xx

  • hi Janet,

    I live in South Norfolk and go to Norfolk and Norwich hospital. I have stage 4 OC and have just found out my cancer is active again after just finishing second line treatment.

    It would be nice to talk to other people locally and as you say I haven't met anyone who is currently fighting this disease. However a childminder friend had it over 12 years ago and has been fine since then.

    I wondered if you and the other ladies would like to meet up somewhere - even at the big c centre to have a chat. We may be able to support each other in what is a very traumatic time wherever you are in the treatment.

    Cheers Jackie

  • And here was I thinking I was the only one on this site from Norfolk! Or may be you're just avoiding me.

    I too live in South Norfolk. Can you let me know if you do arrange to meet up with Jan?



  • Yes of course.

    I am in Bressingham near blooms.

    I didn't think there was anyone else local on this site either.

    It would be good to meet up with others. A club that we don't really want to be in but may help us all.

    Cheers Jackie

  • Its going to happen Sarah ..... we need to meet up and swell the numbers for pandora's box In July ..as one of the nurses was telling me that the numbers are low ... But we can meet before then !

    love Janet xxx

  • Hi there Sarah ...

    What about Friday May the 18th for a meeting at the big C ???

    Time we can sort out to suit all ... we are only down the road from the hosp so can be there quite easily .

    Will contact the other ladies and see how many are interested in coming along .

    Love from Janet xxxx

  • Hi Jackie ...

    What a delight to find you and others that are local !

    Oh yes ! up for a meet at Big C for a chat and coffee ..its such a great place and so relaxing ..a little bit of calm in all of this .....

    Will have to get something sorted out ...

    Love Janet xxx

  • Hi Janet,

    I feel quite excited about meeting. I am away for a few days from the 30th April but could meet up any Wednesday or Friday during the day after that.

    It would be so nice to talk to people who understand how you feel etc face to face.

    I love this forum and it is a great help but meeting someone face to face to have a chat is very appealing.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.


  • Hi Jackie ...

    Me too ....

    Fridays are good for me .Other than a treatment day !

    Will see what we can sort out ....

    This forum is a god send ...

    It was my sister in law who had heard of it first ..she had cancer 4 years back but not OC she had it in her neck .

    Then there was a card in my file from the hospital and I had a look ! Glad I did ...

    Love Janet xx

  • Think I am going potty here am sure I now sent you a mail re a meeting ?

    May the 18th at the big C for a meeting and natter ...

    Time we can sort out ....

    Will contact the other ladies I met and see if they can make it .

    Love Janet xxxx

  • Hi Janet,

    How are you doing? I am back from my holiday. It was great fun but tiring. Edinburgh is very hilly.

    I wondered if we had a time for the 18th yet.

    There is another lady on the forum that I have found who may be able to join us subject to her treatment. She lives in Suffolk.

    cheers Jackie

  • Jackie ..

    Thinking a head to May for a meeting at the Big C ..is the Friday the 18th of May any good ???

    Time ... whats good for you ...

    Thought I would ask you and Sarah first then see if the other ladies I met are free on that day ..

    Love Janet xxxx

  • Hi Jan,

    Yes 18th good for me. I could get to the big c centre for 10am so anytime after that but I would need to leave about 2pm to get back for the school run.

    That will be another thing in my diary to look forward to.

    See you Jackie

  • Hi Jackie and Janet

    I've put 18th May on the calendar. Just tell me what time and I'll be there! I might give them a ring before hand in case we can get a room. My experience is that if you sit in the general area you tend to make conversation with everyone - which is fine - but I'd like to concentrate in talking to you both.

    Look forward to it.

    Love Sarah

  • Hi Sarah ...

    Its a date then .....

    Did have a word with Daphne on Monday when I was there at there big C re our meeting and if there is a room free its not a problem .....

    Daphne said she would mention to the other volunters that I had spoken to her about a few ladies hoping to have a get together there in May in case she is not about on the day ...

    Hope the other ladies can make it ..

    Love Janet xxx

  • We all need the support of others. We have started an Ovacome group at St Richards Hospital in Chichester, and the numbers are growing, we meet once a month in the hospital. Check that Ovacome don't have meeting near you... if really helps to meet others that know what you are going through.

    keep talking


  • Hi the Viv ,

    After last week meting three other ladies who had never met any one before with OC ..the need is very important to have a get together and soon .... Will keep talking thanks Viv xxxx

  • Great to hear of all these support groups. Your local ROCC will have some info maybe? You can get her number from Ovacome. I go to a support group at our local hospital in Southend, once a month. It offers refreshments, cake, chat, alternative therapy sometimes, relaxation, and is run by our wonderful specialist nurses. It's really a good resource. Hope we can get these set up all over the UK? Start a campaign!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy ..

    My support nurse Karen is involved with Pandora's box ..but from what one of the other nurses was saying as people finish their treatment peole tend not to met as often and drop out of going ..... I want to get going ....

    Will see what we can do ...

    Love Janet xxxx

  • Lots of us go regularly .... we go to chat and help others and help with fundraising for the COPES group -- you can google it (COPES support group, Southend) I've been going for nearly 10 years and others are regular helpers/fundraisers/supporters. All have had gynae cancers of one sort or another. The ladies who are going through chemo or just being diagnosed get priority on reflexology, massage etc, of course. It's a lovely group though. Good luck with your ventures.

    Wendy xx

  • Hello Jan

    Yes I'm local and have had reflexology at the N&N Big C centre .Let me know if you arrange a get together.



  • Dear Jan and Jackie

    I am very keen to make this happen too. I am free on Weds and Frids generally.

    I know Blooms - I used to take my kids on the trains when they were younger!

    S XXX

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