A surprising meeting

I was contacted by a lovely lady on here because we both have PPC and we lived near each other (although I have recently moved). It was a lovely uplifting meeting with Luchie because we are of silimilar age etc. The meeting however had an amazing turn as half way through, when Luchie mentioned her surname, I realised we had met some thirteen years ago. Our sons were in the same class. They had been around our houses. They met up again about a year ago. Luchie rang her son whilst we were together and he found it as crazy as we did. I've had a few meant to be moments since diagnosis and this was another. We both sang the praises of this site and the support we had received. I had a lovely day xx. Luchie..we forgot to take that pic to post!

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  • What an incredible coincidence - how nice! You'll have to bring her to COPES!


    Wendy xx

  • God idea xx

  • Yes pleasešŸ˜Š I will invite myself X lol

  • Good! I'm sure Dee will tell you about us! Have a look on www. copescharity.co.uk to see more. Look forward to meeting you, maybe

    Love, Wendy xx

  • Aww. Thanks Wendy, looking forward to meeting you all.. Xxx

  • How lovely Tracy. Your paths were destined to cross. Amazing how these things happen.

    Mandy. Xx

  • That sounds amazing! I have had loads of coincidences over the last few years and I am a firm believer of what will be,will be.

    These meetings with the ladies do help you can talk about cancer or more fun to talk about lives,looking forward to seeing you soon,

    I think Luchie is following me,if she wants to come along, she is more than welcome,

    Carole xx

  • Thanks Carole love to join.. Xx

  • This is lovely Tracey and personally I call these Godincidences. Sounds like you both had a great day and now not only do you have each other but your sons have support too. That will be a blessing for you all. I'm very fortunate to have Ann (the silent1) live nearby and also had the privilege to meet some of the lovely ladies on here at Christies It's a great feeling when you see them.

    You must get that pic next time and share it xo

  • Hi Tracy it was so lovely to meet you again after all those years!! Yes we did forget to take pictures for the girls to see.. Never mind next time.. Maybe we can invite some of the girls to come to mine and we can all have a giggle.. So ladies if your up to it, maybe when we have a good weather you are all welcome to my place.. Xxxx

  • There are some golden cherry moments with this situation we find ourselves in. I love this story.

    Take care

    Netti x

  • What a lovely story girls. Enjoy the blessings of your friendship. Xx

  • Yes it was so much of a coincidence .. We found out that our sons were in the same class years ago.. And of all the ladies I've read messages it was Tracy I contacted for the simple reason that we had the same diagnosis and staged 3c high grade serous. Take care.. X

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