Continual sore throat on chemo?

Hi there, just wondering if this is something I need to get checked out or not? I've had a very sore throat for 10 days now. My last chemo was on the 26th and I had the sore throat already but they went ahead as my bloods were good and there was no fever. I've never run a fever with it am generally feeling OK apart from fed up with the painful throat and it's keeping me awake at night.

Also does any body know anything I can buy to help ease it a bit? I have stepils and a lidocaine spray but neither help much...

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  • Perhaps consult your GP? Maybe a mouth wash of some kind may help?

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi,

    I had a similar problem during chemo that turned out to be thrush. It responded well to 'Nystan'.

    Might be worth a try if you have some.


  • hello,

    I am not on chemo, I subscribe because my Mum has OC. I think you may have what is doing the rounds at the moment, I also have had a sore throat for approx 4 weeks, because of things going on with Mum I did not go to my GP until last week and was told it was viral, the GP did put me on antibiotics but said they may not work, I have just finished the course and my throat is much better now. I also had a terrible tickly cough, the main reason I was put on antibiotics is my Husband has Leukeamia and has a compromised immune system and has to be so careful of picking anything up. Luckily he seems not to have caught it from me. Just wanted to mail as what you have may not be related to chemo, I would say get it checked out with your GP. I hope this helps.



  • Hi Heffmeister

    Sorry that you feel roughish , but well done on finishing the chemo.

    I would definitely get this checked out if you haven't already done so. Also you may find that taking regular paracetamol might make things a bit more comfortable for you.

    I do hope that things are getting better for you.


    Charlie xxx

  • Thanks all, saw GP on Weds who put me on antibiotics and did some bloods. My haemoglobin and white cell count is down a bit.

    Sore throat seems to be improving now hopefully in time to enjoy a few choccie eggs!

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