Very , very sore throat - Chemo 3

I've suffered with lots of nausea and sickness side effects with the first two chemos and my Onc changed my meds each time. Had third chemo last Wed and was given Emend which did stop the sickness but I've had a pretty lousy Sunday and spent most of the day either on the bed or dozing: feeling off and with an incredibly sore throat.

I am pleased that this medicine stopped my sickness however as we live in the moment it was difficult (and is difficult) to sail through these feelings now! Hopefully you will understand. I may ring my unit re my throat, not that I think there's anything that can be done but I can't wait to feel a bit better and have a bath. I find that day 4 and 5 are my 'bad' days and it's not a good idea for me to have a soak.

Any hints or tips for throat please?

Many thanks


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  • Clare

    I am on Emend for the first three days after chemo and I have noticed my throat gets quite sore, I felt totally washed out yesterday but up and about a bit better today. Your body is fighting and it's also telling you to rest. I have found just sucking on an ice lolly helps cool my throat.

    Take care hugs Ellsey xx

  • Thanks for taking the time to post. Ive lits of ice lollies in the freezer so will get one now.


  • I was prescribed a mouth wash for sore throats, you should ask your chemo unit for some. I also tried one of my Mum's old remedies, butter and sugar balls, rolled together and let them melt in your mouth, it does work. Don't use margarine though, not as good and full of chemicals.

    LA xx

  • Clare,

    Similar experience and I was advised (by chemo nurse & oncologist) to brush my teeth after each time I ate, gargle with either salt water or dispersible aspirin (but not to swallow as gargling after each meal) and also a mouth wash. This also helped reduce the mouth ulcers I developed. So, certainly ring the Unit for their suggestions.

    My only other thought is that could the sore throat also be part of the 'flu-like bug which has lingered in many of us for weeks over this past winter and now into spring? Whatever, the 'oral hygiene', as the chemo nurse described it, should help and if not, then chat to the oncologist again.

    Hope the day is ok. Lesley

  • Hi, my advice,ring the 24 hr helpline at your unit. Do your temp fgirst as they will ask. Its best not to leavel these things as they could rapidly get out of control. Ann xo

  • Hi clare. I have had a sore throat since march. Have been given loads of antibiotics with no effect. Surgeon said its not a chemo side affect. I got to tbe point about a month ago where i couldnt stand it so i saw an ENT specialis. GP gave me tramodol but it never touched the pain. Anyway ent said chemo affects all soft tissue and that includes the throat. I take soluble Paracetamol as good for throat. I suck strepsils and drink loads of water. It has improved a little but have constant soreness and hoarsness. Hoping as im having a break from chemo it will go.x

  • Oh that sounds bad, I really hope you get some healing. I've had a sore throat with each chemo infusion to date however it's previously been only on one side. With Emend (or the cumulative effect of three chemo infusions to date) it's been my whole throat, both sides. I love the fact your surgeon said its not a chemo side effect - let's face it we wouldn't have it if we weren't being given chemo! I had a Chemo side effects quick search and sore throat is definitely listed.

    Wishing you comfort and healing whilst you have this break.


  • With each chemo I have a sore throat, I was prescribed a mouth wash by my oncologist and it sorts it out. Ice lollies are good to, soothing! Best wishes xx

  • Cracker Barrell has honey spoons for like $1.00 and they helped me with sore throat the most. Prayers and God bless

  • Thanks for your suggestion. This post was over a year ago now !

    That seems a long time ago

    Clare xx

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