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Bloating while on chemo

Hello. I've had my fourth chemo and my stomach is getting quite bloated and uncomfortable after eating in particular. I have lost my appetite pretty much as well. Has anyone had ascites or bloating whilst on chemo. I'm having Carbo and Caelyx.

Tumour marker has gone down from 18040 to 4254 after 3 cycles so you wouldn't think it should be getting worse.

Lovis x

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I bloated while on Clemo iv had six Caelyx and still look nine month pregnant . Iv had my scan result which was good stable I'd thought the Clemo wasn't working . And I was frightened but while waiting on a drain due June 1st , so don't worry too much x


Thanks for your reply. Were you bloated before you started chemo? Lovis x


Ye it's always been a prob when I got the first Clemo it went down a bit . I was convinced the cancer was still growing my mid scan was marked improvement . Anyway the scan was good not great but stable . Still big tummy u will see my posting history of the drain so glad to help I hadn't a post up and felt I was the only one lol Annie xx


Hi Lovis,

I am going on c & c in a few weeks time , so have been gathering info.

A lady who had this combination told me that her oncologist said, Caylex was the clever one and stays in the body longer working, maybe that accounts for the decrease in urine, and the fact its 4 weekly, but forgot to ask how many months, how many are you doing?

I feel alot happier with my ca being over 8,000 when I see yours and its coming down, hope it continues to do so for you.


I finished ten weeks ago feel fine getting a drain on June 1st


Hi. I am feeling the same way. I am having my second course of Caelyx next week and for the last 2 weeks have felt bloated, and not hungry at all. My tumour markers were 2700 before I started this treatment so I will wait until next week to see how they have gone down (I hope). I am due to have my 3 monthly CT scan also so that will show where there is still the cancer and whether there are ascites in my tummy, etc. Hope this helps. Maria x


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