Mucus stuck in the nose and throat

Hi I have friend. Suffering. From congestion. Of nose mucus through. Her throat. And not breathing. Well

When she. Blows. The mucus feels like it's in the nose but doesn't. Come out instead passes. Through. The throat. And gets swallowed.

Tried a lot of medicine. But not working. Please help. Me find asoluta solution for this problem. and the mucus keeps on getting. Stuck. And not allowing. Proper breath. And ever second. It disturbs

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  • Hi there. I'm sorry about your friend. I was wondering if you know that this is a site for those with Ovarian cancer and others affected by it.

  • It can be a side effect of some of the chemo or acid reflux

  • I have been on weekly taxol and I have been suffering with this as well. I think it is call post nasal drip can also be caused by acid reflux as well. It might be best to see her GP to see what it causing it as she may need an antacid like omeprazole or even some hayfever medication.

  • I'm on 3 weekly Avastin and suffer with this my oncologist has me on Beconaise and sudafed which does help x

  • I also have this mucus problem. Think it must be a chemo side effect. A real nuisance, especially at night as it stops me sleeping. I use a nasal spray but the side effects of this are - it stops me sleeping! Will ask doc ref hay fever type pills. Some of these make you drowsy I think!

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