My Ovacome

Has anybody had High Dense dose Chemo?

I was diagnosed with 3c OC April 2010 I had 3 carbo/taxol debulking surgery and 3 more carbo/taxol and went into remission for 3 months when it came back. My Oncologist recommended 6 high dense dosage carbo/taxol given weekly and then 16 weeks of low dose carbo/taxol - The only side effect I had was a funny taste in my mouth... I have now gone 8 months in remission and I feel really well.

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Dear Dee

I've only just noticed your question and was interested to see if I could find out more about it. Apparent DDC works well to stop tiny young tumours multiplying. Thanks for your post. I can add this to the list of questions I'll have for my oncologist if/when I have a recurrence.

How are you feeling now? Hope all's well.

I found some helpful information on the following website:



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