Anyone dealt with this????

My mom has stage 3c recurrent ovarian cancer. She got really sick before we found out and she was so sick when we found out that the carbo/taxol combo almost killed her. She ended up ona feeding tube because she couldn't keep anything down. So after the tube and rehab She had surgery followed by carbo. Which after surgery and getting stronger she handled the carbo well but cannot handle taxol. She went into remission and 9months later it was back. Evil monster! Again with the carbo but she was able to live her normal life through it and made it back to remission. 7 months later the demon came back. This time she was carbo sensitive. So they started her on doxil in January. Since then she has had 3 treatments and hasn't really eaten since New Years. As of today she has dropped 40lbs. Her cancer markers are up and we have to stop treatment because she is just to sick and is now hospitalized. They want to do a cat scan but she can't keep the dye down. I know doxil is rough but can anyone relate to this? I believe she has adrenocarcinoma stage 3c. The dr mentioned that her symptoms could be signs it spread to her brain. She is hospitalized as of right now and hopeful for MRI and cat scan tomorrow (fingers crossed) This makes no sense to me. Anyone have any thoughts

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  • Hi Juliepres, First I'm so sorry to hear your Mum is going through this hard time ,YES it is a evil monster, I can't give you any advice on her treatment I did have a hard time at first I'm now looking at my 5th line of treatment in 2 1/2 years , all I can say is she is in the right place for her team to get her back on treatment. I was on Doxil called Caelyx in Australia and it is hard but I managed 6 month,I hoping with all my heart that they can get her back in the fight against this beast and also feeling a lot better.Good luck with the Mri and cat scan.

    Lorraine xx

  • Thank u so much.

  • Have they suggested a PET CT? The glucose injection lights up the cancer sites so is more accurate (and more expensive). what other medication is she on?

    Sending positive thoughts your way


  • No. I am goin to ask when dr comes in today

  • Hello. Sorry to hear what your mum is going through. By 'carbo sensitive', do you mean she's allergic to it? I was very ill before I was diagnosed and it doesn't help the body cope with the treatment. My oncologist mentioned etoposide as the other drugs aren't doing much for me now and I'm allergic to carboplatin and cisplatin (also I've had gemcitabine, caelyx (doxil) and taxol), but I was diagnosed in 2010 and have had some long remissions. No wonder your poor mum needs to be in hospital. The disease and the treatment are tough on the system. From your spelling, mom, it sounds like you are in the US? Have you found the forum there? It's called Inspire or something similar. There are treatments available there that haven't yet been authorised here in the UK.

  • I'm so very sorry your mom is having such a hard time. Sending love and prayers to you both. 💜💜🙏🏻🙏🏻


  • I do not have any knowledge to post on this subject. I just wanted to say I'm sorry you Mom is going through this. We each have our own journey and react differently to different treatments. My prayers are with you and your mom.

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