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second line treatment

Hi Everyone me again!

I was intrested to know if anyone else had been platinum-resistant to there chemotherapy, first time around, and starting their second line Chemotherapy? I'm on Paclitaxel, plus a trail drug called Saracatinib,which is to help get a longer progression period [ longer than three months] hopefully, I do feel that my O.C will be cronic from now on my CA125 came down too13 after the first treatment sadly after only 3 months it went up to 104 and reached 253 since I have started on my treatment my CA125 has come down to 150 that was after starting my chemo number5 session but I have a long way to go with my treatment and anything can happen along the way I think they are more intrested in how you feel from day to day and what they can see on the scan,side effects have been know problem, I loose my taste buds for a few days, lost my hair again! feel low that it has come back so soon and scared for the future, how many Chemo's can a person have over the years especially if it comes back too soon? each time can your body with stand it i'm only 52!


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Hi Sarah,

It is hard a place to be in, but your CA125 is going the right way! I am 45 and am platinum resistant. In fact, they even call it refractory disease with me because my CA125 never even normalized after first line and by the end was going back up. I am also on second line chemo - caeylx, not sure yet whether it is working. I am still very poorly with ascites and bloating, so I suspect it is not. As long as each time the chemo reduces your CA125 to normal you have a way of keeping it under control, but the way each person's disease reacts/progresses etc is very different. There are ladies on here who can tell you they have been on fairly non stop chemo for years so how much chemo you can take is possibly not the issue. It is how many regimes that tame the beast can be found.

I know you are finding it a really tough road to cope with, and hope you have support from macmillan nurses and your family.

I wish you ever success with the SAPPROC trial, it is run by Professor McNeish at Barts who I met at the beginning of the year. He is one of the lead Ovarian specialists in this country so you are in good hands.

Love Lizzie



Hi Sarah

Yes I too am Platinum resistant and am about to start my second line treatment, it's one that is only used at the hospital I attend and is supposed to be good for early recurrance, I am finding it very hard to accept that it has come back so soon, particularly as my CA125 was down to 23 post surgery and chemo last year, it was such a shock on my 3 month follow up to be told it was back already. So I suppose we just have to hope our treatments will give us a little longer next time. I'm 57 and my aim is to at least reach my 60th birthday.

All the best George x


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