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3rd Recurrence

Hi! Everyone, Just been reading all your blogs about remission, etc., and thought I would let you know that I had OC in April 1997 with surgery and chemo. Had 10 wonderful years after chemo finished & then it returned in April 2007 on the same site but attached to right kidney & ureter tube. Had surgery and chemo again plus a stent put in which is changed every 6 months for life but this is a small price to pay for my life.

I'll be 5 years in April again but been feeling a bit unwell again and had a scan done in February. Got result last Wednesday and OC is back yet again on same site. Chemo is last option at the moment due to low platelets & white cell count down and the medical team won't make any decision until I have a PET scan to see exactly what is happening. Booked in for next Monday & then the result of team meeting & diagnosis on 11th April. I'll be 73 this May and my passion for life is overwhelming. I'm still teaching Fitness & Exercise twice a week plus Sequence dancing and I've told the Lord above that if this is another test he's giving me I'll pass it with flying colours.

My Oncologist has spoken about Tamoxifen for 3 months & then another scan & if no change would then try Radium as at the moment they will not do surgery. I know nothing about these treatments & I'm reading on this site about injections to help with the platelets? Could anyone give me any info as to what they think. I'm a very positive person with regard to my OC and do not see it as a threat at the moment but would like to know more options & be prepared for the meeting on 11th April. In 2007 I decided this time I was taking charge of my cancer as over the 10 yr remission I learnt a lot about OC & would like to do the same with this 3rd recurrence.

I send my best wishes with Love n Light to you all I think you are all so inspiring when I read your blogs & I do a lot of creative healing visualisation within my body & do believe as David Hamilton says in his books "The power of the mind can heal the body"

Love to you all

Iris (Flower)

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What an inspiration you are Iris!


Just back from a Tea Dance in our Town Hall, only sat out for 2 dances.

Boy! it's given me a lovely feeling in my body, I so enjoyed myself. a bit tired now but it was worth it.

Thanks for your lovely comment



You are an inspiration! I just lost my answer so if two appear it is a wonder of technology. I know e.g. Neupogen stimulates white cell growth. I don't know about platelets -call the Ovacome nurses?

The best source of information about radiation treatment that I know of is the Libby's Hope website - healthinfoispower.wordpress... The man who runs the site is very knowledgeable and approachable. Radiation treatment is used more clear cell OC.

You must know this already, but you need to ask your oncologist ALL the questions. Make a list and addto it as something occurs to you.

I wish you all the best, but you have Survivor written all over you.



Thanks for your help. Will go into website. Had a great time this afternoon at my Tea Dance with lots of laughter so am resting to-night to reserve some energy. Is there anyone out there that lives in the Glasgow area as I would be willing to start a support group for OC if anyone was interested.

Thanks again Chrystnh - God bless xx


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