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Hi everyone,home from surgery mon,TAH plus lymph nodes etc,liver not so good but consultant said we would talk about that later! Tumor(size of a football,apt for me being a passionate footie fan!} borderline!! Best result I could have hoped for,will find out on May 9th if I need chemo etc but all concerned say hopefully not,all thanks to God!Recovered very quickly but having bowel problems now,no worries just post surgery,hubbie gone to buy laxatives and cream! At least he wont need to buy tampons anymore LOL! I have been thinking of you all and praying that you all have peace whatever point you are at,God bless,Gilly xxx

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Hi Gilly,

Glad you're back home, and that it went well, and that the result was so good. I also had bowel problems to start with, but they did have to remove a section. My bowel started working after about 6 days, but had 'wind-type' pains for a few days, but it settled fairly well. If you're not on any other 'bowel' medicine, you could try windeze capsules, they worked a treat for me before surgery.

Take care,

Sally xxx


Hi Gilly

Thats really good news you must feel very relieved good luck

dedewhite xx


Wonderful news, Gilly.

You'll recover all the more quickly for the relief of the borderline status!

Very best wishes,



Hi Gilly

Brilliant news!

For really bad constipation try lactusol liquid with bisacodyl tablets. The combination worked wonders for me. The tabs are prescription only and they nudge a sluggish bowel into action and the lactulose soften everything. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

hugs from Janbeegee


Hi Gilly

So glad you had such a good diagnosis, if there is such a thing! I was borderline in 2002. I didn't need chemo either, just monitoring with examinations and CA125 every month at first. I remember the bowel problems though, but it soon passes (if you'll forgive the pun ;-O)

Good Luck and take this time now to get stronger after your op and appreciate all the things you value in your life!

Love Wendy xx


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