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Hospital is my new home!


Still here - waiting for the miracle poo that never happens!! So fed up, one minute the doctors say I've been here long enough and it's time for surgery, the next minute they say there is some improvement so we should sit it out. I've been here for nearly 2 weeks now with no bowel movements and I'm thoroughly fed up - keep crying because I just want to be at home with my family. I've seen my kids once in all of this time and I'm missing my dog! My oncologist came to see me yesterday and thinks I should have had the surgery but the surgical team think not. So miserable and feeling sorry for myself 😔

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This is really pants, Becky. I hate it when we seem to be a ping pong ball between the surgeons and oncs. I hope things get sorted for you soon. I can imagine you miss your dog and family (not necessarily in that order!) and am wishing you will be home soonest.

Take care, Netti x

That's tough. I hope they make a decision soon, or that something happens down below. I'm amazed at how long we can go without a poo! It's hard when the docs don't agree though I can see why they might want to wait if it means there's no op. Hope there's movement soon, one way or another. xx

Poor you how horrible for you, it's not nice they're just leaving you esp for 2 weeks!

Have you had a scan to see where the obstruction is?

Wishing you all the best and that you're out of hospital asap to see your family and dog

Xxx 💞

Dear Becky

Really feel for you. I've had a couple of stays in hospital recently due to dehydration and sickness following chemotherapy. All you want is to get home with the people (and animals) and things you love.

Hope things get sorted soon

Judy xx

oh no Becky, I really feel for you and can't believe this has been going on for nearly two weeks. Also the difference of opinion between your Onc and Surgeons can't be helping, building your hopes up and then dashing them. I was in hospital for nine days after my op and missed my kids and hubby dreadfully so I totally understand how you feel. Massive hugs Lovey and I really hope you get sorted very soon, Kerry xx


Oh dear, Becky..... I suppose we could celebrate the evidence of some improvement, but it's scant comfort for being cut off from real life.

If you can get away without having the surgery it's probably a good thing as it does take a long time to recover from.

I really feel for you!!

Oh Becky no wonder you are so fed up! I wish these teams would talk to one another and make a decision what needs to be done because all this is leaving you in a limbo. Can you get someone to perhaps to speak on your behalf to Patient Liaison or ask to see them yourself (they obv need to come up to see you). Explain the situation to them and that whilst the teams are going back and too with their decision you are stuck in the middle and this is not doing you any good (gosh Im so angry on your behalf!). In the meantime sending you a big but gentle hug and hope things get resolved for you soon. Kathy xxx

I am so sorry sorry that you are in this position. I really hope that they get it sorted out and soon. Have they decided what the blockage is due to , and surely the surgeon and the oncologist should be able to come to some form of agreement on the best way forward

Can the children not visit , are you able to walk about if so what about them visiting you in the day room rather than on the ward.. I have been thinking about you a lot and I am sending you so many best wishes.

Isn't it frustrating when the left hand doesn't talk to the right hand and you're piggy in the middle? I am so very sorry you're in this position without a target to work towards, the false hope is really cruel too.

I'm sure your family miss you terribly too and your fluffy baby won't understand why you're not there.

You really need some clarification as to why there is this lack of function and If there is a blockage causing it. Could you ask when the doctors do their next ward round? At least it may make them speak to each other and formulate a proper plan of action for you.

Isn't it bizarre that when you want to be sent home they keep you and when you need to stay they send you packing? No sense at all.

I hope you manage to achieve some movement very soon then you can go home to get better.

Big hugs and love ❤xx Jane

Ah Becky, i echo the other comments. How awful for you. I'm currently experiencing some bowel issues myself (but by no means as bad as you, you poor thing) so can sympathise somewhat. Amazing how something as simple as having a jolly good poop is taken for granted by most! I really hope that your team pull their bloody socks up and decide one way or another what to do and in the meantime, things start 'moving' for you. As Jane said above, isn't it strange that when you don't want to be there, they keep you in, but when you do they send you packing! Praying this gets resolves ASAP for you and you can get comfortable. Are your family able to come and visit you perhaps? What about Skype? And you can look forward to furbaby cuddles on your return home (which will hopefully be soon!) Thinking of you and gentle hugs from me too! xx

Hi Becky - I am so sorry to hear you've been in hospital for such a long time. It must feel interminable. I do hope that by the time you read this, something will have "moved". Like so many others, I also am having a real issue with my bowels at the moment and it's become a bit of an obsession for me. I dread the first week after my chemo despite doing everything I can to avoid the situation with diet, exercise, blind faith etc. Let us know how you're getting on - hopefully successfully recuperating at home now x

Hi Becky. Your message really touched me so I am sending a big hug, hoping and praying that a solution happens quickly, and you are home with your family and lovely doggy soon. Love Carolyn x

Hi Becky

I just hope that something will happen soon for you. It is so distressing dealing with bowel issues as if we didn't have enough to contend with. To me it is one of the major issues. When they reveal your diagnosis the first time they don't tell you how bad it can get. They just put laxatives on your prescription and for many that is the only discussion unless a major problem arises. I just hope and pray that you will get relief very soon.


Am so sorry....depending on your feelings about knowing all the details, I'd ask the surgeons exactly why they are so reticent....all surgery has some risks I guess and despite scans I think sometimes they are not totally clear if its the right thing for you.....good luck and thinking of you....Chris x

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