I am home after surgery too

I just wanted to update you also that I came home on Wednesday, 8 days after my op. I will be honest it was one of the toughest experiences I have ever bern through. I was not prepared for how I would feel after surgery. I picked up an infection, my temp was over 100f a few times, I needed to be recatheterised for 2 days and my wound oozing all added to the fun. This is being dressed daily by district nurses now and I have a hole about size of 50p that needs to heal, which will take 4 weeks or so.

The staff were amazing though, and I met some lovely patients, one being treated for cancer of the vulva and we really supported each other.

My consultant does feel this is a cancer 1c, with chemo needed. My ovary was covered in nodules, and the segmented cyst was sweeping off it. My results are on 11.12.13 lol look at that date!

Thank you for sending advice for me, you are all so lovely.

Lots of love

Carol x x

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  • Hi Carol.. I'm really pleased for you that you're home now. I had a wound complication recently too which had the district nurses in for a few months. I've been in a lot over the years and I've found the bad things fade in time. 1c is a good thing even if you have to have chemo though I'd rather you didn't have Oarian at all .. Sending my love to you. Tina x x

  • Well done Carol, hope your recovery continues and your feeling much more your usual self soon just take it easy.

    Best Wishes Kris xx

  • Glad to hear you're home Carol and hopefully on the road to recovery now. Take it easy and put those feet up !

    Sue xx

  • Hi Carol, glad to hear you are home and hopefully on the mend. Take it easy and get as much rest as you can,

    Love Brenda x

  • Sorry you've had such a rough time Carol. Hope you feel better soon. It does take time to recover so just go with the flow.

    Love Mary xx

  • Hi Carol,

    glad your home and that your wound will heal soon.

    Sounds good that it's a low grade and that the chemo will sort the rest.

    Just take it easy and let mother nature do the rest

    Best wishes

    Chris xx

  • I bet that was a huge sigh of relief to come home, I had a tough time with my hysterectomy and had a hole about that size after a cyst full of bloody fluid burst, however the good news is it healed nicely eventually, so I'm sure yours will too. I was desperate to get up and do things and knocked myself our, so please follow the advice I ignored to start with which was rest, rest and more rest.

    Best wishes

    LA xx

  • So pleased to hear you're home. Please take it easy, I will keep my fingers crossed for a good result for you xxx

  • Hi Carol,

    Glad to hear that you're home. Remembering your body needs lots of TLC to help it recover, so take care of yourself.


    Zannah x

  • Hi Carol, So pleased your home , hope your feeling better, take it easy,plenty of rest , Take Care,

    Best Wishes Sue xx

  • Glad to hear you're home! Almost 5 weeks on from my wound reopening it is almost healed up!

    Get plenty of rest - my nurses advised to move as little as possible for the first couple of weeks to try and let the wound heal after it opened up.

    Hope you get better every day!


  • Dear Carol

    You must be relieved to be home after such a roller coaster in Llandough. I'm really sorry to hear you such such a lot of problems recovering from surgery, the wound additional medication needed, etc. What a shame - but at least you found the ward a great place and the staff really fantastic and that does make a huge difference. Now you must just take it easy and take time to recover in the comfort of your own home.

    It sounds as though you may be going on to the Velindre. I was really nervous about that but found them absolutely brilliant there too. Do you know which oncologist you will be assigned to. They're all lovely and the CNS nurses too.

    Hopefully we can catch up soon. xxxx love Annie

  • Hi carol. I had to have district nurse in daily as my wound was oozing. I does eventually heal and you will feel fine. Don't do too much take the opportunity to be waited on if you can.


    Jean xxxxxxx

  • Problems with wound healing seem to be quite common. I had some oozing too at one end of the wound after hysterectomy, had it redressed by district nurses, then later by practice nurses at my local surgery till it healed. Had similar problems after further surgery since. It doesn't seem to be anything to worry about, it's just a nuisance. But it's lovely when it's finally healed & you can have a shower without worrying about getting dressings wet!

  • Hi Carol

    I hope you'll feel a bit better and a bit stronger every day now. It will make a big difference, being at home where you can be looked after in your own place. Take all the help you can, feet up, enjoy being pampered and fingers crossed for 11/12/13. That is 11 years to the day that my surgeon came to me, post op, with news about what he'd found ...... Hope it's a lucky date for you too ;-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi carol wishingyou a very speedy reecovery keep posting as the ladies on here are so supportive and friendly . I found them very helpful and supportive during my time of worry and stress a few months ago . lucky for me mine was a borderline tumour stage 1a. Wishing you all the best take your time and rest . Big hugs xxxx lena

  • Hi Carol

    Glad you got home safely after what sounds a bit harrowing. But: it's done, over and you can face forwards, this time with knowledge. The chemo is tough but you can get through it, and somehow it feels rather good as you know it us beating the little buggers back. Courage ... Not long, then you will be onto the path. You'll get through. Meanwhile make sure you take enormous care of yourself, OK?


    Sue xxx

  • Thank you all, I have posted with a new question about chemo and work. My questions are never ending, mind always ticking, just wish I didn't have redundancy to face x x

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