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V.M. not available through prescription

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Anyone who has been following my search for a suitable vaginal moisturiser will know how relieved I was to find one which does 'exactly what it says on the tin'! Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Plus Pessaries are easy to use, non messy and state that they are for women who are post menopausal, have had chemotherapy, gynae surgery and/or radiation. Having tried these, I requested a prescription from my G.P. Unfortunately, I've just had a telephone call from my surgery to tell me that they are not available through the NHS. I can buy them for about £12 for 10 (You have to use them for a week on consecutive days and then every 2-3 days - so they are expensive!). I'm really cross about this and need to have a rant! Why is it so hard for us to get the products/treatments we need during and after cancer treatment?!


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I use Yes gel. It comes in individual applications, is made with organic ingredients and is available on prescription.


Hi Eleni

I have just checked the NHS Drug Tarrif (it contains what GPs are allowed to prescribe on the NHS. I have pasted below the page on vaginal moisturisers



Feminesse 33g tube600

6 pre-filled applicators600

Gynomunal 15ml tube369

50ml tube799

Hyalofemme 30g tube463PPA Symbol K

Regelle 3 pre-filled applicators329

6 pre-filled applicators541

12 pre-filled applicators832

Repadina 10 x 2g ovules814

PPA Symbol RReplensMD 3 dose pack365

6 dose pack606

12 dose pack1164

35g tube606

Sylk 40g tube516

Yes water-based Intimate Lubricant6 pre-filled applicators514

75ml tube700

YES VM6 pre-filled applicators514

100ml tube700

PPA Symbol RPlease note: For reimbursement purposes ReplensMD should not be confused with the product Replens listed in Drug Tariff Part XVIIIA - Drugs, Medicines and other substances not to be ordered under a General Medical Services Contract.



Balance Activ BV 7 x 5ml tubes525

Multi-Gyn ActiGel 50ml tube525

Relactagel 7 x 5ml tubes525

Lactic Acid Pessary BP

Balance Activ 7 pessaries525

Issue: June 2018

As you can see (check the web link) that Balance Activ pessaries are allowed on NHS scrips. They are listed under appliances! However these are a different formula.

Is it worth asking for any of the allowed items to try first especially if you are expecting to use such products on a long term basis? There are a few to go at.

You can see the YES gel that Jenny uses in the list.


regards Fay

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Eleni in reply to Petrolhead

Wow Petrolhead! Thanks for taking the time to find this. I have contacted the manufacturer about Balance Activ and it is apparently NOT blacklisted and could be prescribed at the G.P.'s discretion - so I've written another letter and asked what the problem is. If it's cost, I need to know so that I can consider paying for it myself. I'm not giving up!! LOL Eleni x

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Petrolhead in reply to Eleni

No probs. Just remember that Balance Activ pessaries and Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Plus Pessaries are two different products. If your GP orders Balance Activ pessaries on a script you will NOT get Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Plus Pessaries.

best of luck. GPs are warned that if they order a product not listed in the Drug Tarrif they may be charged for that product hence the reluctance.

I will be interested to know how you get on.

regards Fay

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Eleni in reply to Petrolhead

Oh I know Petrolhead! I've already been down this road......with a prescription for the Balance Activ Gel and the pessaries for vaginosis which are available on scrip. I'm still pushing for the menopause moisture plus pessaries. I just need to know if it's cost which is the obstacle......but

Not giving up! Thanks again Hx

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Marta2778 in reply to Eleni

HI Eleni

How did you go re ur scrip??

Moisture plus is the only product that has worked for me xx

in reply to Petrolhead

Very useful list! Thanks! A point of interest. I think that Repadina ovules might be another name for the Cicatridina ovules that Eleni and I have been discussing on another thread. However, they are usually listed as out of stock on websites. A bit of a puzzle...

in reply to Petrolhead

This link suggests that both have been replaced with a new product RepaGyn.


Hi Eleni

How did you get on with this?

Balance Activ has really worked for me, and no more cystitis type symptoms

Not cheap tho is it? So wanted to see if anyone had managed to get on scrip xx

Hi I have had chemo surgery and avastin and occasionally I get a pain when I finish weeing

It feels like cystitis coming but then goes away again and does not burn when actually weeing do you think these vaginal moisturisers would help. xx

Hi Ladies.

Update for you all......

I have tried to get help with Balance Active Menopause Moisture Plus Pessaries from Target Ovarian and Ovacome. Ovacome have been wonderful but tell me that it seems as if the company themselves need to get the product paperwork done…….I will keep hassling them but don’t hold out a lot of hope….

Ovacome contacted an independent pharmacist they know who did some digging. She has checked and the Menopause Moisture Plus pessaries are not listed in the NHS Drug Tariff (what will be reimbursed to pharmacies for dispensing under the NHS). BBI Healthcare would need to make an application for the pessaries to be included in the NHS Drug Tariff. There are Balance Activ gels and pessaries listed for bacterial vaginosis but these are separate products to the one I want

Vaginal moisturisers that are available under the NHS are:

Hyalofemme – the applicator hurts, doesn’t put the product high enough into the vaginal cavity and the product is very messy.

Gynomunal – has an applicator just the same as the Hyalofemme………

ReplensMD – applicators the same as the 2 above…

YES VM – I have tried. It has an applicator of sorts but doesn’t insert the product high enough. Yes is also messy….

Regelle – I have also tried and the applicator is exactly the same as YES VM…doesn’t get high enough into the vagina. Again, messy.

Feminesse – Same as the 2 above!

(I have to say, that I object to using applicators in any event as they are extremely unfriendly to the environment..all this plastic being thrown away!)

Sylk – has very bad reviews and is considered by ex users to cause UTIs.

Cicadrina/Repadina – would have been perfect as it’s also ovules, but it’s been discontinued!

The RepaGyn mentioned only seems to be available in the US..

So - Balance Active Menopause Moisture Plus Pessaries are the best on the market as they are ovules, easy to insert, (nothing is as good as my finger for getting the product deep inside for maximum effectiveness), they are non messy, and do ‘exactly what they say on the tin’

I have now asked my GP to make an Individual Funding Request (IFR) to the local Clinical Commissioning Group for a prescription to be made available to me. Again, not holding out a lot of hope as I understand the pressures on the NHS and don’t want to be adding to those pressures, but that's where I am.

Eleni xx

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Purpleladylou in reply to Eleni

I find it very frustrating not to be able to get Balance Active Menopause Moisture Plus pessaries on the NHS. They are the only pessaries that have worked a little for me. Replens didn’t work at all! Have you been able to get it on the NHS yet?

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Eleni in reply to Purpleladylou

Hi there

Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to get it through the NHS! Really frustrating. I asked my G.P. if he would make a special funding request for me (which he did), but it's come back with a no. They are saying that as it's available on the high street and through the internet, they see no reason for a special case. I wish the damned manufacturers would just get it right so that it COULD be prescribed! Grrr..

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