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urine test ?????

I was wondering if any of you ladies have ever had their urine tested , routinely or other? Before I was diagnosed I suffered from numerous water infections , which was always treated with antibiotics from my G.P.and maybe had only 2 occassions since O.C was diagnosed, again by my G.P.

That has been the only times , that I can recall my urine being dip-sticked.I have never gave a urine sample at any hospital appointment apart from the very first one prior to surgery. I'm curious as to why urine wouldn't be tested for protein #(google -urine test for ovarian cancer, it takes you to "About. com" -ovarian cancer) when the C.A125 is a specific protein found in our blood. Have a quick look at the above article# it has set me thinking....

Hope everyone is well ,

Suzie que


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This looks really promising. I have googled as you suggested and found that people have beed aware of it since 2006. Here are some other links -



Clinical trials for this urine test appear to have been carried out in Canada and North America. I cannot find any evidence that this test in available in the UK. I saw this video link from Toronto, dated December 2011. The urine test itself is currently priced at 395 dollars and in view of this there may be cost implications standing in the way of it being adopted as a national screening tool in the UK. Notwithstanding the cost, it is an exciting discovery especially as the urine test provides reliable information for the early detection of both ovarian and breast cancer.

Best wishes

Isabelle Cadbury


Dear All

This looks very interesting but obviously will have to be tested on a large group of people before it can be used as a reliable screening test.

Just to clarify the situation as far the urine testing done at the surgery -it is not for any protein relating to ovarian cancer but is picking up whether there is any generic protein which might indicate an infection or a problem with the kidneys. This explains why it is not done routinely at the outpatient clinic because at present my understanding is that not enough testing has been done to show that it can conclusively used as a screening method

Best Wishes



It's strange this! I have had three or four urine tests over the years, since I had my OC diagnosis and they have all shown some protein in my urine. It's been checked out at the hospital. I have had antibiotics, cystoscopy, ultrasound scan, CAT scan and all found no reason why it should be there. I'm having no symptoms whatsoever and wonder what can be causing it. This all happened about three years ago and I have no reason to think anything's wrong with me. Perhaps I should go back to have another urine test with my GP, or do I just leave well enough alone?!?! What do you all think?

Wendy xx


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