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Avastin and protein in urine

Hello ladies

Anyone suffered from high protein levels on urine? What are the symptoms? My oncologist never checked my urine because he was more concerned about kidney function blood tests. I've been pressurising him to check protein levels because I have been having bubbly urine. Also for how long can one tolerate Avastin? They want to keep me on it till it stops working or till my body can't tolerate it any more.


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Hi, I was on Avastin for just over 20doses and I had to do 24 hour urine collection a couple of times when they decided to stop as I had protein in my urine,like you no symptoms apart from frothy wee, so Avastin was stopped as they said it would compromise my kidneys.Take care Pam x

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I was on Avastin and had to give a sample every time I went for it, My urine behaved but then my onc stopped the Avastin because he felt it had worked enough and it was better to stop and have the option of having it again when I need it maybe I should change this to if I need it.


I have my urine tested every three weeks for protein but bloods every six weeks as I am near the end of the 18 Avastin treatments prescribed as a follow up to carbo/taxol chemo. I think I have a small amount of protein every time and have done a 24 hr collection once - only symptom is frothy wee. Good luck with the treatment xx


Thanks a lot for your helpful replies.


When I was on Avastin a couple of years ago I have to provide a urine sample every three weeks. They found protein in the urine so I had to do a 24 hr urine test but I had no symptoms


My urine protein level came back a bit high and protein creatinine ratio is 0.19. Does this mean that I have to stop Avastin? Very scared to stop it.


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