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Microblading brows ))

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Hello everyone. I have question about semi permanent tattooed brows. I am booked for tomorrow to do this microblading with lovely professional girl . But just now asked my oncologist if its OK to do that for me and She said NO ! ((( She said that I only been 2 weeks on NIRAPARIB. my blood test is OK but its too early because it involve needle. I said to her needle will go superficially in microblading but no (( Am booked for tomorrow and already had patch test. Am so fed up to sticking brows stickers every day on my face and was looking forward to have a nice natural looking brows..Is anyone of you had it done? ))

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I know someone who had it done before chemo..they looked great! I suspect your oncologist wants to be cautious while you settle down on the Parp inhibitor. It’s really boring but probably necessary because you don’t want to introduce anything under your skin if your blood levels suddenly plummet which they can do on a Parp. Why not delay for a few weeks? I am going to have lens replacement surgery on Olaparib. Oncologist says have a BT day before to check levels xx

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Before chemo I had my own nice brows but am bold NOW )) Yes that what she said to wait not to do it after just weeks or Parp. I was exited to do it tomorrow but moved it now to 44 weeks time (( ))) Oh lens replacement surgery auch .... What is BT ?

My daughter had this done a few months ago. When I first saw them, I said Yikes because they looked too dark and pronounced. But after several days, they toned down and looked fine. I want to have mine done, but the woman who did my daughter’s moved away. But I did read an article online in The Guardian, I believe, where a reporter said to get the micro blading done before you lose your brows because the tattoo artist needs something to guide her. The article said that if you don’t, when your brows grow back, you could wind up with two sets of brows on your face. That had never occurred to me, but I think it’s good advice. Also, I do agree with your oncologist. You don’t want to risk an infection. I know how you feel. I didn’t mind popping on a wig, but hated trying to create matching brows with a brow brush and brown powder. Sashay

My tattoo girl warned about not to be scared of brows too dark right after. And at my work i saw lots of girls doing it on the regular basis and was asking them lots of question. I want natural looking feathery not too define brows and right colour for blonds or bolds at the moment 😊

Forgot to say - I have bough brow transfer stickers .Got them right away after loosing mine last May . On Amazon China made but last 2 days solid and look quite natural not stupid They do black and in brown. I got brown but wished they would start to make more shades and lighter. And I have to constantly keep ordering them (the not exactly cheap ) not to run out and its a hustle )) Also am not sure its true about loosing your own brows and ending up with to sets 🤔😃I shall research that as well

I had not known of eyebrow transfers. I’m going to check them out. I hope we both find good solutions for our brow challenges!Sashay

Worth trying transfers but just to find your natural shape and of course not black colour for our age . They washable and wont feel that something is stake to yr face....

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I chose a wig with a fringe - no-one noticed when my brows slowly disappeared x

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Sashay2020 in reply to Saffery1

Great idea! Sashay

😊 may be, may be, but not for me fringe that low and close to my eyes will irritate me 🙂

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Saffery1 in reply to organicinna

Yes, I'd thought that but you can adjust the wig to raise up from your eyes while camouflaging your brows 😉

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organicinna in reply to Saffery1

sort of like that

my wig and brows
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Saffery1 in reply to organicinna

Blood test?

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organicinna in reply to Saffery1

blood test norm at the moment

I don’t know about micro blading but I did have my brows tattooed years before I was diagnosed. There were lots of scabs (quite painful) and I wouldn’t countenance doing this while under treatment because of the infection risks. I’d be guided by your oncologist.

Wow.... real tattoos like for ever ? or still semi permanent ? But yes i moved my brows appointment to 4 weeks time and will ask doctors again, because she didn't say no you cant do it ever been this club patient )) I believe microblading quite superficial tattooing not deep like permanent ones but still needles

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I'm not sure you'll be able to get them done after another 4 weeks either - I was on Niraparib for six months, and was told I could not go to the chiropodist nor have my teeth cleaned while I was on it because of risk of infection. Remember that the drug stops one of the repair mechanisms your body has so the cancer (hopefully) cannot repair itself easily - the trouble is it also affects the rest of you to a degree. I certainly noticed that any cuts or grazes acquired while gardening took much longer (about 3 or 4 weeks) to heal up, so if you have your brows done and there's any damage, you might find yourself walking round with scabby areas for quite a while, never mind the risk of infection.

Probably best to ask the oncologist when/if you can get it done.


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organicinna in reply to bamboo89

😒 Yes Miriam I started to think that way. I went to chiropodist while on chemo but it was ok. About teeth cleaning or you right too ( I was even saving up for the tooth implant ! silly me ))

Oopsie no and more no. No tattoos everyone agrees even if you are off all chemo they say wait 6 months if you are in remission. Sorry i know how frustrating it is to be bald all over but we can deal with it yes? Hugs from paris

yeah okey I already excepted that ((( Love Paris It was funny, that before I went to doctors last January and month before this diagnose , I had a dream that am in Paris in some posh hotel with my friend , standing in front of the huge floor mirror both naked, bold and skinny and I remember I liked my new look and was not shocked or scared..I know it was my friend next to me but cant remember her face and who was that exactly.....

Years ago , I and my sister in law had our eyes outlined ( tattooed ) we went home with red puffy eyes and my brother in law laughed at us . My sister in law went back for her brows . Our lady gave us antibiotic cream to use . They healed very quickly, but having said that I think you oncologist is just keeping you safe .

I would love to get a pedicure but I'm afraid to even do that .

Good luck it's something to look forward to .

Gillian, Mookie Fox 2234

No I will never do tattoo on eyes and lips. But i still do once a month manicures and pedicures on chemo and now on PARPS . thank you Gillian xx

Hi organicinna, For pedicures can I ask you , do they use a disposable foot bath ?

Thank you ,


HiNo am afraid. But they cleaned it after each use very well and spay it with antiseptic.

Thanks ! I think that they are pretty careful! Gillian

I had mine done after chemo as was off limits during down to risk of infection. It is superficial but still goes through your skin and forms scabs so that’s where the risk comes in. My brows didn’t go completely until towards the end of chemo and did grow back quickly but I felt they were lacking a bit. I used a NYX micro pencil to draw them on (but I only did it if I was leaving the house) and oddly found it easier when I was completely brow less than when there was hair left 😀.

Lucky you )) My hair gone at the end of first chemo but brows and lashes after 5th i think ))

My consultant said the same, which disappointed me, but it's genuinely in our best interests. Any break in the skin can introduce infection and we don't need that risk.

I found a product called TattooBrow by Maybelline which is a paint-on peel-off gel treatment. It comes in half a dozen colours. You apply it with the built-in brush in the shape of your brows, leave it on for 20 mins or so, then peel off. The colour will gently dye any brow hairs you have, and the skin beneath. It's surprisingly easy to use and you only really need to apply once a week to maintain great results. It look very natural - most people who ask are really surprised when I say that my really quite sparse brows are made up and not natural. It's also a whole shedload cheaper than tattooing - about a tenner for a bottle which lasts ages. They generally recommend a shade darker than your hair colour, but my (previously vibrant copper) hair grew back in almost entirely white so I opted for the Light Brown and it looks great.

Hope this helps, Annie x

wow i will have a look ! )) thanx

Hi organicinna

I’m really sorry to hear of your disappointment about your microblading cancellation.

I wanted to let you know about Look Good Feel Better, a national charity aiming to boost the physical and emotional wellbeing of people living with cancer. They offer online workshops and I thought you may be interested in their programme dedicated to hair, giving advice about eyelashes and brows. For more information, please visit: lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk/su... . They also have a range of tutorials, with one focused on recreating missing eyebrows: lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk/tu... . Cancer Hair Care are the UK’s leading hair loss support charity and they have some information on their website that I thought may be of interest: cancerhaircare.co.uk/eyebrows/

I hope these may be helpful for you until it’s safe to rearrange your microblading appointment.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 008 7054 if you would like to talk through anything. We’re here Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.

Best wishes


Ovacome support

Oh thanx ofcourse i will try it xx

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