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Hi All

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I’m just wondering with having surgery has anyone been told how long it prolongs your life for? Love and hugs to everyone. Sheenagh xx ps these 2 naught little girls keep me going.

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Loving your beautiful doggies…! Re your question…I am not sure if they will have an answer because surgery tends to be alongside other treatments… so may be difficult to separate the impact?

I was told that having the op would make chemo more effective because it doesn’t have so much solid tumour to deal with but I suppose that depends on how much they manage to remove. Wishing you all the best with it! xx

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Hi Lyndy

They can both be handfuls especially the brown spaniel Daisy. Daisy does not do as she is told she is very wired. Thank you for your reply. Sending you lots of love and hugs. Sheenagh. Xx

I think when they decide surgery or not ,it’s a balance between any benefits from surgery versus quality of life if the cancer is advanced . I guess if surgery is offered the balance is in favour of surgery as optimal treatment. Love the naughty girls


When I had my surgery and was recovering on the ward, my surgeon came to see me on his rounds. He said the operation had gone really well, all cancer removed. He then added, "Well, hopefully that will keep you going for a few more months". When he saw my appalled face he said "Maybe years. Maybe"

Great! I thought. All that for a few more months.

Anyway it's been 4.5 years so far - a few bumps along the way but still here. Just don't ask your surgeon to tell you how long you have! 😀

My understanding was debulking surgery gives on going treatment a better chance as there is less disease to work on. Also removal of certain organs has a chance of lessening spread to other organs. In my experience my oncologist won't be drawn on 'timescales and she also advises not to read up on statistics as every patient and each patients outcomes are unique to them. If you are trying to decide is it worth having the surgery that too for me that descion was made by me believing if my team thought it was worth having done then that was enough for me to go ahead with it. Wishing you the best outcome possible. Xx

Surgery is the most effective treatment - chemo is "belt and braces" except for women with advanced disease, when it helps to reduce the number and size of tumours to make them more accessible by surgery. I had surgery followed by chemo and was literally told that the chemo was belt and braces. Still here 15 years later, no recurrence!

Hi, just wondering what stage you were at. Donna

Stage Ic with a side of endometrial cancer stage Ia.

Hi, you were fortunate to catch your cancer in the early stage. Hope things go well for you, Donna

Hi Sheenagh. I love the pups!!! Mine kept me going through two rounds of chemo. From what I have read surgery is the most critical element in survival so if you have a chance for it take it!! Xx

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