Hi ladies hope you are all fighting fit

Hi ladies as any one had 1 st line chemo that had worked went into remission for 4 months then back again so started my 2 no line chemo but hasn't worked I don't no were to turn to is there any more treatment for me can I have more chemo can this dreadful nightmare ever leave me would be very grateful if any one as been through the same thanks good luck xxx

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  • Hi Roseanne ..

    I'm so sorry. Your post made me tearful. I'm sure there are others who have and will give you their advice gained from their own experiences.

    One idea would be to call the Helpline at Ovacome who may be able to point you in a positive direction. Here's the link page. The phone number is near the top:


    Meanwhile, sending you hugs and love. Xx

  • Hi Roseanne, I can't give advice but Tina certainly has given some in advising you to ring Ovacome. When are you seeing your Oncologist again? Sending you a big virtual hug. Love Kathy xx

  • Next Tuesday I got to go thanks for your kind words

  • I wish you well for Tuesday, will be thinking of you. Please let us know how you get on. Hopefully there are lots more drugs you can try.

  • Hi I had first line treatment carbo/taxol then after 5 months had to go on Caelyx as 2nd line every 4 weeks which didn't work so as a 3rd line have just finished weekly Taxol, like you I thought is there any more treatment they can give me but I was reassured by my oncologist there is quite a few different chemo drugs they can give.

    I wish you well and hopefully your medical team wil already have a plan ready for you. Let us know how you get on.



  • Thank you so much so your 2 nd line didn't work and now your on weekly taxol how was that for you because I found the other chemo ok it didn't really hurt me is that why I'm thinking it didn't work thank you again good luck xxx

  • Yes 2nd line didn't work.

    Waiting for results on my 3rd line weekly Taxol, I know that my ca125 levels have come right down which is a good indicator for me, but it all depends on what CT scan says, fingers crossed it will have shrunk things etc, thank you xx

  • Hi Rosanne,

    You need to take advice and I am sure when there is a plan in place for you, you will feel more positive,nothing is insurmountable,we all have our bad days, but, you can get through this girl,

    Let us know how you get on,

    Carole xxx

  • Hello Roseanne

    I understand there are a number of different drugs and strategies available when a particular chemo line hasn't worked. As suggested, give the Overcome helpline a call and they will have suggestions how to move forward with your Oncologist and / or CNS.

    Good luck!


  • Hi Roseanne, that is a blow to get but I am sure your oncologist will come up with a plan for you next week. Try not to worry, there are plenty yet for you to try. Wish you the best for your apt with your oncologist next week and do also ring the Ovacome helpline tomorrow and they might point you in the right direction

  • Thank you ladies so very much I really do get comfort from your words I no I got to get on with life it's very hard like you all I would imagine it's a big struggle for me at the moment trying so hard to stay positive for my children but it's eating me up inside by the way dandelion tea is meant to kill cancer cells in 48 hours I'm actually on it thought I would let you no if it helps we got to try it good luck and keep believing love to you all xxx

  • Wishing you well Roxanne - hope your appointment on Tues gives you some answers & a plan of action. Thinking of you. Jemima x

  • Sorry to hear that. I too had 1st chemo and returned after 4 months. Had debulking surgery and then 2nd line chemo which has not worked. I am now on a three month trial of tamoxifen. Then a third round of chemo and avistan. So there are more options open to you. Keep fighting . It's so hard especially in the small hours of the morning. Good luck

  • According to what I have witnessed with my Mom's rising and falling CA125 levels, I see there is a period that is approximately 4 months. In other words it gets high, and then it gets low 2 months later, and then high 2 months later. If the trend of the ups and downs are going down over time it shows the chemo is working I think, but it might take a year or more of chemo to show the trend is going down to lower levels. My mom's levels show that chemo works but it takes awhile. Good luck

    John C

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