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TV this eve 18th May

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The most wonderful Prof CF was on the tv programme ‘Hospital’ on BBC2 earlier this eve. She ended up giving a lady ( Natasha) surgery when everyone else wasn’t able to.

Really hope this surgery will help Natasha have a longer, better quality of life than anticipated.

If you’re on here Natasha, best wishes for a speedy recovery xx

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Thanks for this will download as didnt see it.

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Mumsie13 in reply to Lizzieanne

Thanks, I totally missed this. Off to find it on iPlayer.

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Newbie_2020 in reply to Mumsie13

Many thanks

Watched it. Very very moving think it upset my husband. I go to Warwick am very tempted to try and see the oncologist at Coventry she was such a compassionate lady. It must drain her so thank goodness for people like her

I watched this too, this series is usually really good and it was a happy accident that I was able to catch this particular episode, I wasn’t aware it would cover our disease, it was excellent and very well presented and hopefully it will help a wee bit with awareness. I didn’t see the prof but she was talked about quite extensively by the lovely and very thorough gynae oncologist who was looking after Natasha, the prof was the only option given to her as her spread was really extensive. It was gratifying to see the tricky surgery had been carried out and had given Natasha hope, she was very brave to allow the documentary makers follow her at such a difficult time in her life.

It was also really interesting to see how the metastatic OC had spread and how it actually appears. The gynae oncology department at the hospital seems to be excellent which is comforting for ladies from the midlands and surrounding areas.

I hope Natasha has recovered and has lots of quality time with her family. Stay safe everybody ❤️xx Jane

Missed this, although Im not sure I want to see how OC appears, I worry enough as it is!

Understandable lovely xxx

Yes this is an excellent programme, although my husband was unable to carry on to the end to see how Natasha fared. He said “. It is too close to the bone”When she was referred I called him back and we were both delighted to see that Natasha had her surgery. I really hope she does well. CF appears to be a really cutting edge Gynaeonc Surgeon .

Yes, both my husband & I were in bits watching this. Really super gynae oncologist at Coventry. Bless her heart 💜Sorry my initial post does elude to seeing Prof CF but that wasn’t the case. The gynae at Coventry spoke to Natasha about Prof CF as her last hope of surgery.

Natasha did go ahead with the surgery so really hope this works for her & brings some quality time with those she loves 💕

Gave in and watched this. What an insight into how the process works into getting us into surgery. Also I never realised what OC looked like, the white spots, I imagined it as red and angry and raw. I hope we hear how Natasha gets on.

I watched this and like others wishing Natasha all the very best. If you are on here thank you for sharing your story. I was struck how similarly Natasha and her husband behaved like myself and my husband regards looking to the future. Also the incredibly hard decisions re resources, the data of COVID is not accurately reflected without all the additional data in terms of delay/ drift for all other disease.

I watched the program and wondered if Natasha was a member of either of the forums I’m on. Thank you Natasha. Thank you Dr Shameem for being the wonderful dr you are. You both have very calming ways about you.

I’m another one who was surprised how OC looked. I very much believed it would be black and scabby and horrible with red fiery spots on it.

I must catch up. She operated on me x

I watched it this morning. What a lovely caring consultant. I was lucky to have my operation under Prof F and I have to say that it’s the honesty and communication that is so reassuring. Good luck Natasha. Keeping everything crossed for you. Cheryl

Thank you for this post– the TV programme taught me a lot. And widened my perspective.

I am another eternally grateful to Prof CF for my surgery. Listening to the Gynaecological Oncologist Consultant at University Hospital Coventry, Smruta Shanbhag choosing and advocating for a 2nd opinion for her patient from her, only served to increase this. And readers seeking reassurance or 2nd opinions may find this helpful.

I did not have a laparoscopy prior to surgery and wondered how common this is nowadays – and the criteria that prompts this, in addition to a scan. Anyone know?

The programme also told of how the pandemic & shortage of resources continues to affect prioritisation & availability of treatment for OC & other critical conditions, not only non-urgent hip & knee replacements as publicised more widely on BBC. Pressures of many referrals and waiting lists seem to infer it may now be necessary to pay privately for what was previously more readily available via the NHS, for timely treatment. Not reassuring, but good to manage expectations!

I was also so lucky to have had my 2nd surgery with Prof CF. Due an appt with her shortly 💕

Please tell Prof CF how much she is appreciated by former patients - with me this increases over time as I now realise my life continues because of her skills, and not everyone has been so fortunate. Around surgery OC was new to me & I was overwhelmed and scared - thank you letters afterwards really didn't cut it! imho if she ever needs support to extend her work - this forum would be a good place to start!I hope another appt doesn't mean you have problems atm, take care, 💕💕💕

Bless you. Isn’t she just the most wonderful person ever? I have a bit of a girl crush on her if I’m honest. Just a 6 month check up for me in a few weeks.

I always tell her she’s amazing & how grateful I am to be under her care. I believe she has a young family too. How on earth she juggles it all so well is beyond me.

As you say, she should read everything said on here about her.

Take good care yourself xx

Tried to find the prog. Which includes Prof.CF, no joy!!!! Can you say the time cos found Uni.hosp.Coventry, but Prof.CF, works out of Queen Charlotte London!!!!Thankyou Iside

Hi there. The onco gynae at Coventry hospital referred Natasha ( the patient with OC) to Prof CF for surgery as this was her last option. Prof CF wasn’t actually on the programme but her name was mentioned. Natasha had the surgery ( I believe fairly recently). Just hope it helps. This was episode 2 from this current series of Hospital on BBC2 xx

Yes Thankyou, understand now. Prof CF has done my 2 ops & I can’t speak highly enough of her and her team at the Queen Charlotte, the oldest Women’s hospital in the UK. Iside

She did my 2nd op at Hammersmith ( jan 2020). I’ve put her high up on a pedestal. Take care xx

Sorry it was 9-10pm Tuesday eve BBC2.

Didn't they also mention a referal to Christina a brilliant OC specialist in London UK? I've heard some mention of her on here already.

Yes they did. I am grateful to have had her perform my 2nd surgery in Jan 2020. Lucky lucky me xxx

That's wonderful! Wishing you all the best. 😊I've just re read the threads here and now realize who CF is! Sorry everyone, my brain is not as sharp as it use to be, I blame it on my meds! Taking Imatinib for adjuvant treatment and concentration gets a bit woolley! 😕

Bless you. Think this happens to us all at some point. I’ve forgotten my own phone number not so long ago. We are all in this together 🥰

Ahhh, thank you! 🌷🌷🌷🌷 😃

I didn’t know this was on but will try and watch it.

My husband and I were filmed in 2017 for the ‘Hospital’ series. She is an astonishing surgeon and human being. Anyone reading this should seek a second opinion with her or her team. I am still miraculously alive and well due to her and that hospital team x

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