New Year's Eve in A&E

New Year's Eve in A&E

Happy new year!

I was hoping to be at a New Years party ready to let my hair down after finishing my six cycles of chemo for a recurrence and having missed the Christmas do's due to the usual chemo side effects was ready for a few glasses of prosecco and a little boogie 🙂 Unfortunately a few days leading up to NYE I got a cold wasn't to worried until Saturday afternoon I began to feel absolutely dreadful, headache, shivers, cough etc and then the temp hit 39.9. Went up to the hospital after seeking advice; I've been so lucky whilst being on treatment never to of had an infection or anything more serious than shingles so was pretty worried when I got to A&E, as I was taken straight away to a side rom due to having a compromised immune, the team were amazing looking after me bloods taken, IV drugs given and just generally wonderful. We saw the new year in with them over a cuppa, and I stayed in the little side room with my hubby until about 3am as my temp had dropped and with the promises that if I became unwell again or my temp went up I would go straight back I could go home with some pretty strong meds. Not the NYE I was hoping for but that's how things go as I've discovered with this vile disease, just so grateful for the wonderful team who looked after me and got me sorted, still rough but doing as I'm told and resting no going back to work tomorrow either 😜

Still looking forward to that glass of prosecco maybe in a week or two...

Stay strong ladies xxx

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  • All the best to you Emma for a speedy recovery and positive results after your chemo! Xx 💜

  • Hello Emalou, I just want to wish you a speedy recovery. In no time you will be up and dancing around (with your prosecco).

    Best wishes to you and your family

    Damelza x

  • Aww Emma, poor you.........keep the Prosecco on ice! Hope you are feeling much better now. xx

  • Hope you feel better soon. I was in hospital last NYE and found the team spirit made it really quite jolly. x

  • Ooooh nooooo!! Glad you made it out of there and were still smiling at midnight 😊 Get well soon xxx

  • Emalou

    Really hope you're feeling better

    With love

    Just x

  • Are you sure you didn't have Prosecco in those white mugs? You're both looking very cheerful

    Hope you're feeling better now. Helen

  • But what a lovely Hogmanay pic - even if it's with a cuppa in hospital! Having spent some time prior to Christmas in hospital, I know just how you feel about it. The nursing team are great, but you just don't want to be there!

    Enjoy that prosecco x

  • So glad you made the decision to go to hospital, also that you were looked after so well. Love the photo of you and hubby with your tea at midnight...what a start to the new year, it's all upwards now.xx

    Hope you are now feeling a little better every day, rest, feet up, read a book, watch tv or just look out if the window (it's frosty here so very pretty !)

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • What a lovely picture, wishing you a happy and healthy new year. Xx

  • Such a lovely picture of you both,but what a shame you landed in A&E NYE. Never mind, I hope that you will feel better soon & be able to have that long awaited Prosecco which you truly deserve after what you have been through.

    Best wishes for 2017,stay strong.


  • Hope you are feeling better-great photo!

  • No that certainly wasnt the way of celebrating New Year but you had a cuppa. Glad you are recovering now, take it nice and easy and plenty of drinks and rest. Hopefully in a week or two you and hubby can go out for a meal and then have the prosecco, Happy New Year

  • Love the picture and agree with all the others have said. You can have a celebration with good friends when you are up to it. Everyone will enjoy a pick me up in January I'm sure. We are lucky to have the care we do and I wish you a very happy 2017. The only way is up!!!


  • amazing photo ! you look great and your husband is very handsome !! not the NYs celebration you were expecting but well done on documenting it . hope you are feeling a bit better


  • The hubby said thank you lol xxx

  • Thank you all for the lovely replies and support 😍 I'm finally feeling better lol it's taken two weeks but was knocked for six. Still a bit sluggish but so much better now, have been out for a few walks so on the mend!

    Bit gutted with a CA125 result had my last chemo in December (Caelyx / Carbo) only for it to of increase again it's up to 666 now but the scan I had early Dec showed no further growth on the tumours or any new ones....

    the joys and angsts of this darn disease!

    Much love to all xxxx

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