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Seeing surgeon this morning

Am seeing the surgeon this morning to discuss the results of the CT scan I had yesterday, & to discuss my debulking surgery that I'm due to have 9th Jan I think...

Finished my chemo last Friday, was having weekly taxol & 3 weekly carbo/Avastin (although didn't have the 3rd round of Avastin due to the surgery/blood clotting issues from it)

If anyone can suggest any particular questions I should be asking him I'd be grateful for your advice.

Hope everyone is ready for Christmas. I'm trying to take a pretty laid back approach this year. Luckily my parents who are coming are very understanding. They're even bringing their own bedding as my energy levels have been so low I've barely done anything this week & the house is a mess! x

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Good morning!

I am post recovery having had the BIG OP 4 weeks back .. just a thought, but I'm wondering if there is any involvement with your bowel ? I've had a stoma because of this so I would enquiry as to whether this may be a necessity, I certainly woke up to one !!!!!

So interesting reading your story, well, just started reading it actually!

All the best for today 🌺 flower.

Xxx much love ❤️ Jackie

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Thanks Jackie yes was gonna ask what chances of a stoma were.

Thanks for reading my story. It's my way of dealing with stuff.

Wishing you a speedy recovery x

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It depends if the tumour is stuck to the bowl. I was told before my op it maybe a option that may occur and they put a tempary one on. They don't know until they have a look. My cancer had all gone when I had my hysterectomy and I responded well to the chemo. So think positive it really helps xx


I found after my op the best way to recovery was plenty of rest don't rush it. Let others help as much as possible. I got a friend to come over to clean for a couple of months. You will be tender but the healing process takes a while. I did everything by the book and recovered well. enjoy Christmas with your family . You'll be fine xxx


Thank you Ann, yes I've got a cleaner lined up to start in Jan plus I'm lucky. My mum coming for 1 week & my hubby taking a few weeks off work. I also have 2 grown up children at home x


Hi Sarah just catching up on posts now. I hope you enjoyed Christmas with your family. I wish you well with your surgery, no heavy lifting for many weeks after, no driving. Bring a nightie or two to hospital as more comfy for first days post op, Have track suit ends for when you come home and runners or shoes you dont have to bend to tie, Invest in a few cami tops as they are comfy and prevent your top rubbing off your scar. Hand cream magazine and perhaps ipod for music is a good thing to bring with you and also vaseline, I wish you the very best. I was also warned a stoma but woke up without one but had some stitches here and there. This was ten years ago and I am here enjoying life.

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