Have been given a starting date

Thought I would give and update on what is happening. Had a very busy day at the hospital last week having all sorts of tests and scans done to see if I am OK to go on the trial. They certainly give you a good MOT and hopefully will be starting on the 7th March. Apparently a trial has been conducted just using the drug with some favourable results, now they are combining it with carboplatin. For the first two weeks you have to go for three consecutive days, day one being a long day (10 hrs) the second and third days will just be short visits for blood tests etc. Keeping fingers crossed. Jean x

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  • Good luck, Jean,

    I hope you 'qualify'.


  • Hi Jean,

    All the very best for the 7th March. Please keep us posted as to how it's going from both the perspective of how you are coping and how your CA125 progresses (as long as you want of course).

    I am routing for you Jean.

    Love Lizzie


  • Jean, good luck and fingers crossed. Love sue x

  • Hi jean

    Sounds promising. I'm glad it is a positive experience - that's how I feel about it .Which hospital is conducting the trial?


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