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Is my GP concerned too?

I had a Mirena fitted in July 2011 as I had been experiencing heavy periods and had a grapefruit sized fibroid [I am 55 and still having periods]. This has helped with my periods and this far wasn't aware of any problems with it. However, for a couple of weeks I experienced gripey like period pains in my lower abdomen & lower back. I went to my GP who examined me whereby I winced a bit when she put pressure on my right side (have had my appendix removed). She said that she could feel something on my left side but suggested that was the fibroid; she also asked me if I'd had any bloating which I had but I'd put that down to fluid retention. She's referred me for another ultrasound (which I'd had before they discovered my fibroid). I am pleased that she's 'on the case' but really asking if anyone knows whether ovarian cancer can develop with a Mirena fitted and the fact that when I had it fitted I had it under general anaesthetic and they did a hysterscopy just to check my womb. I am concerned but part of me is not, if that makes any sense. Thanks for listening to my concerns. Betsy

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Hi Betsy,

It makes perfect sense to me.

I have no doubt that a tumour could develop in someone with a mirena fitted, and I'm not sure that the hysterscopy would have shown such a tumour as ovarian tumours are outside the womb on the ovaries. Has the GP taken blood for a ca125 test?

I would ask her to do the checks - bloods and scan.

Having said all that, the chances are more likely that its fibroids. Do make sure they check rather than assume, though.

Very best wishes,



Thank you Isadora. My GP didn't give me a blood test but I think I'll wait until the results of the ultrasound come back and if things are unclear then, I'll request a CA125; saying that though my GP is very 'on the ball' and will probably suggest it anyway. Thank you again.



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