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Concerned about symptoms

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Hi! New here and have posted in some of the other forums whilst looking at different diagnoses of and ibd or endometriosis. Someone has shared ovarian cancer symptoms on Facebook which has me concerned about my own and I just wondered if anyone had similar ones? These are the ones I currently have:

Persistent pain / discomfort under right ribs, down right hand side of stomach and in right hand pelvis for a number of years. Pain is constant, just varies in intensity and placement.

Pain often extends into back and up right shoulder

Pain can be a lot worse during periods and then extends to upper middle of stomach for a day or two during periods

Heartburn and indigestion

Constipation, pain doesn't ease after going to the toilet but feels like it should

Some bloating but not often or to excess (I understand this is one of the most prominent symptoms but only when it gets advanced?)

Signs in urine of infection at points but no symptoms

Raised calprotectin levels detected in faecal test - 162

Thanks in advance for any help offered!


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The best advice is to get proper medical attention to suss out what is going on. I don’t think you can get a diagnosis or even an idea of what this might be online. So please please go to your Doctor xx

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Loubrown24 in reply to Lyndy

I will be seeing my consultant at some point again but have been waiting many weeks for my next apt so just thought I would see if anyone had a similar experience while waiting! Thanks, Lou

Hi Lou, some of these can be symptoms but are often other things. The right rib pain actually sounds like gallstones to me, have you ever had a scan for them?

Hi! Thanks for the reply! I have had many scans for my gallbladder but always clear! Thanks, Lou

Laura, so glad you found this sight, but be careful of self diagnosis and symptom checking. See a medical professional and if you think ovarian cancer may be the culprit, a simple ca125 blood test can definitely point you in a better direction.

Symptoms can vary greatly from woman to woman and some conditions can be more aggressive than others. Don't waste too much time if you are in pain.

Best of luck to you.

Hugs, Superkim

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Loubrown24 in reply to Superkim

Thanks for the reply! Def not trying to self diagnose, just wondered if anyone suffered similar symptoms whilst I wait for my next apt. Gp won’t order any more tests as I have a consultant so a waiting game now. My consultant is a general surgeon so he has also put a referral into gyne aa there were question marks around endo so I suppose one good thing is if I have symptoms of this they are the right people to be waiting to see anyway! Thanks again

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Superkim in reply to Loubrown24

I know the waiting is hard. You have a lot of symptoms that could be consistent with a lot of different things. The ca125 could rule out OC pretty easily (most of the's the most reliable marker at present).

Hang in there and we'll keep you in our thoughts. Hopefully, you won't have to be on this or any other cancer forum.


Kim right get a Ca125 test my gp did that first and that started my diagnosis symptoms were all right side pain my husband was convinced it was my gall bladder nag your gp this week for a ca125 blood test. Good luck

Docs all thought my gallbladder for a few years too! I’ll ask my consultant about that test at my next apt. Gp won’t order anything else as I’m under consultant care so just have to wait for my apt now! Thanks again

I’m with Lindy - please go to a doctor if it’s at all possible - A other GP?

It is not for us to diagnose in case we get things wrong but it sounds like you need help for sure - good luck! X

Thanks for the reply. I am under consultant care and have been for a few years, albeit a general surgeon as they first thought gallbladder so I’m due my next apt with him as my test has come back showing inflammation, up until now he kept going down the ibs route. I’m not trying to self diagnose or have anyone else diagnose me, just wanted to see if anyone had similar symptoms whilst I wait to discuss at my next apt. My gp won’t order any more tests as I’m under consultant care so a waiting game just now! Thanks again!

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